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Walter Kerr Theater

219 W 48th Street

Ninety minutes, with no intermission

April 17, 2008

Broadway Musical

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A Catered Affair Tickets - Best Seats At Premium Prices
A Catered Affair Broadway Tickets - Tickets To The Musical Of The Season

Much of what comes up in A Catered Affair reviews is about the adept guidance of director John Doyle as he nurtures his actors through the shaping of their characters.

About The Musical

A Catered Affair, a Broadway production by Harvey Fierstein, of Paddy Chayefsky’s teleplay of the 1950s and subsequent screenplay of Gore Vidal handles the various nuances of family life with laughter, regret, happiness and sorrow. Never has a musical had so many quiet moments as A Catered Affair. The story is revolving around a family where communication has reached the bare minimum and so it is only apt that in many of the moving moments, mere words are enough. According to A Catered Affair reviews, there are many periods some even lasting up to 30 seconds where silence has been brilliantly used by the director, John Doyle. The first among many lengthy silences comes when the Hurleys deal with the effects of their son’s death, a soldier killed in Korea.

The play set in the 1950s, focuses on the Hurleys, a working class family in the Bronx. For Tom Hurley, a New York City cab driver, the bereavement benefits of his deceased son is seen as the answer to his dreams of buying a cab of his own. However Aggie Hurley sees the extra money as the ideal way to fund for the lavish white wedding that she never had and now wishes her daughter, Janey to have. A Catered Affair reviews reveal that the opinions of Janey, who is totally uncomfortable being in the spotlight, after years of being sidelined for her brother, are really immaterial.

Aggie’s insistence on the opulent wedding ceremony stems from her desire to make up to her daughter for having sidelined her in her affection in favor of her elder brother who was recently killed in Korea. However, critics in A Catered Affair reviews point out that very little opposition is given to Aggie’s ideas even from the supposedly strong-willed Janey-a flaw in Fierstein’s script. Aggie also has to pacify her gay brother Winston who is living with them.

Ace Performance

Faith Prince and Tom Wopat turn in commendable performances as the Hurleys accompanied by Leslie Kritzer as Janey and Fierstein as Winston. A Catered Affair articles and news state that Prince turns out a good performance by accurately internalizing the self-pity and bitterness that is a part of Aggie. Kritzer does an enviable task of managing a sense of identity in the tug-of-war between alternatively encouraging and resisting the wedding rigmarole.

Heather McRae, Kristine Zbornik and Lori Wilner who play the three neighborhood gossips get a few amusing cameos particularly McRae as a perky wedding planner. As per A Catered Affair reviews, John Buchino’s score and John Doyle’s direction, combined with Harvey Fierstein’s production set the scene for a highly enjoyable musical.

The Broadway run of A Catered Affair begins at the end of March at the Walter Kerr. Tickets for the musical can be purchased online at the best prices. Click here now to get best rates on your tickets for A Catered Affair.

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