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Walter Kerr Theater

219 W 48th Street located between Broadway and 8th Avenues

2 Hours and 40 Minutes, One 15 Minute Intermission

December 13th, 2009 (Open-Ended)

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The Broadway play ‘A Little Night Music’ debuted on 25 February 1973 in New York. The original play was directed by Harold Prince and choreographed by Patricia Birch. This play won Tony Award for best musical and also the New York Drama Critics Award. A film of the same title starring Elizabeth Taylor was also produced.

‘ A Little Night Music ’ has been recently revived on Broadway. Trevor Nunn has directed this play. Catherine Zeta-Jones - an Oscar winner, and Angela Lansbury - a Tony award winner, are the lead actresses of the play.

This play cleverly exhibits the complex romantic relationships between several couples, with various love triangles.

A Little Night Music takes you back to the twentieth century Sweden. The story revolves around a lawyer named ‘Fredrik Egerman’ and his teenage wife ‘Anne.’ Both are married for 11 months, but Anne is still virgin. She is a bit hesitant to make love with her husband who already has a teenage son ‘Henrik’, a seminary student who is a year older than Anne.

There is a sudden shift in the feelings of Anne when she attends a comedy play starring Desiree, an ex-girlfriend of Federick. She could notice the spark in the eyes of her husband on seeing his ex-girlfriend. This makes her jealous, and she decides to leave for home immediately. Once they reach home, they find Henrik with his girlfriend. All this makes Fredrik long for Desiree. Fredrik visits Desiree, and both of them revisit their old days and make love.

Before Fredrik leaves, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm reaches Desiree’s home. Count Malcolm is the man whom Desiree is seeing currently. He suspects Desiree and Fredrik of cheating him. As the Count cannot handle the infidelity of Desiree, he tells the whole story to his wife ‘Countess Charlotte.’

The play ‘A Little Night Music’ takes another turn when both the Count and Charlotte realize that Anne is the childhood friend of Charlotte’s younger sister. Charlotte meets Anne in person to inform her about the infidelity of her husband. On knowing about the relationship between Fredrik and Desiree, Anne gets dismayed. On the other hand, Desiree plans to invite Fredrik and his family to County Estate for the weekend. Though Anne is reluctant to accept Desiree’s invitation, yet she plans to go along with Fredrik and Henrik on the advice of Charlotte.

The Count makes the situation more complicated by deciding to spend weekend at County Estate with his wife, even if he is not invited. All the characters in the play reach County Estate. There is a big chaos when all the characters get together at the dinner. Soon, Henrik gets frustrated and decides to leave. Fredrika, the daughter of Desiree, tells Anne about Henrik’s feelings. Once Anne finds Henrik, she expresses her love to him by kissing and hugging him.

At the end of ‘ A Little Night Music ,’ the Count and Charlotte expresses their love to each other, and similarly, Fredrik and Desiree also decide to live together.

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