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Al Hirschfeld Theater

302 West 45th Street

2 hours 45 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

September 18, 2008

Broadway Musical

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A Tale Of Two Cities Musical - Come And Watch A Great Classical Story

A Tale of Two Cities Broadway brings alive the classical story written by Charles Dickens. The story is about two men who love the same woman. It is about two cities being swept by the French Revolution. It is a classical tale of love, vengeance, redemption, sacrifice and injustice.

A Tale of Two Cities is set against the backdrop of the French Revolution. It tells the story of a family which has been torn apart due to the corruption of the French aristocracy and how the lawlessness caused due to the French Revolution put up great obstacles in front of the family.

The Story

A Tale of Two Cities Broadway is about the redemptive power of love. After Dr. Manette is released from the French Bastillie after 17 years, his daughter, Lucie, must try to resurrect him from the brink of madness. Lucie and her father come to London and here she falls in love with Charles Darnay, who is son of one of Manette’s enemies.

As the story progresses family secrets and political situation combine to draw Lucie and her family back to France. Her husband is arrested and she seeks the help of Sydney Carton, a drunken cynic lawyer, to free her husband. Amongst all the chaos of that time Carton turns out to be the unlikely hero of the story, as he sacrifices his life for his love, Lucie.

The Cast

In A Tale of Two Cities Broadway, James Barbour plays the jaded and world weary Sydney Carton. He was also there in the Florida production. He did a superb job as Mr. Rochester in the musical Jane Eyre. His last Broadway appearance was in The Assassins in 2004. In the musical, Jill Santoriello focuses attention on Carton and Barbour has live up to that expectation. He has done superb acting and singing.

Another great performance in A Tale of Two Cities Broadway is by Natalie Toro as the mysterious name-knitter Madame Defarge. Her powerhouse first-act number Out of Sight, Out of Mind is the highlight of the musical.

The musical is being directed and choreographed by Warren Carlyle, who has kept the story moving at breakneck speed. After all, Dickens’s massive book had to be condensed into a two and a half hour playing musical.

Supporting Carlyle’s effort is Tony Walton, who has designed a very impressive set for the musical. He has drawn inspiration from the Globe Theatre in London and the Bastille in Paris. The skeletal cylindrical design of the movable central set piece transports the audience from one set to another in no time. Moreover, the musical uses innovative lighting concepts and costumes to bring alive this classical story that never fails to entertain.

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