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October 22, 2009 (Limited Engagement - December 06, 2009)

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After Miss Julie Reviews - The Play

This one-act play has Sienna Miller in the lead playing Miss Julie. As the bored and restless Miss Julie, the lovely Sienna Miller comes across embodying sex and privilege with élan. She plays the daughter of the manor in After Miss Julie, accompanied by Johnny Lee Miller and Marin Ireland as John and Christine, the servants.

The American-born, British-bred Sienna Miller embodies the character of a high born Miss Julie, who stoops low to flirt with the working class in the class-conscious British society, with conviction. This role can be quite challenging even for the most seasoned Broadway actresses.

With the class issue no longer relevant in today’s emancipated society, Patrick Marber has succeeded in making this 19th century play, set in mid 20th century Britain, palatable to the contemporary audiences of the 21st century. The change of the period to mid 20th century is a welcome choice, with the caste system in Britain crumbling down and the lower classes wanting more out of life than ever before.

Sienna Miller justifies her role as a ‘rich girl up to no good’ in After Miss Julie by the way she flirts with, and gets her way, with the chauffer. She is impressive as an errant aristocrat, playing a character that is complex and full of contradictions. Miss Julie is a girl rejected by an officer, a child whose mother likes to mix up with the household help and whose father cannot tolerate the lower classes despite being a big shot in the Labour Party.

Marin Ireland plays the pious and hardworking cook who watches Miss Julie play her moves on John, the chauffer and her fiancée. The play spins a web of class tensions and fantasies that are soured by realities.

The Tickets

You can buy your tickets for this play from the box office of American Airlines Theatre. However, you may find the show sold out at this 964-seat theatre, after waiting for hours in the queue. If you are a visitor to New York and wish to watch this play on Broadway then you may not have the time to arrange for your tickets in advance.

However, tickets can be procured easily through online means from the comfort of your home. There are many ticket brokers who are members of National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB), who ensure that you receive your tickets on time.

Get in touch with any of them and they will have your Broadway After Miss Julie reviews and tickets delivered at your doorstep.

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