The Much Awaited Dame Edna’s All About Me Broadway

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Henry Miller Theater

124 West 43rd Street


March 18th, 2010 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Dame Edna, the legend from down under, is going to enthrall audience with her performance in All About Me Broadway musical at the Henry Miller’s Theatre in collaboration with Michael Feinstein, another extremely respected celebrity all across the world. Michael Feinstein is globally known as a singer and pianist. Furthermore, he is especially hailed for his rendition of the Great American Songbook. Similarly, Dame Edna also boasts of a star studded career in the media. Dame Edna has been ever present in the media circle in an array of roles, such as social anthropologist, standup comic, children’s book illustrator, grief counselor, spin doctor, etc. Even so, Dame Edna began her career as ‘an average Australian housewife.’ The combination of these two distinctly different yet complementary talents is something that the theatre world is eagerly anticipating as their last performances were around 20 years and 5 years ago for Michael Feinstein and Dame Edna respectively. Michael Feinstein last appeared on Broadway in 1990 through ‘Michael Feinstein in concert: Piano and Voice’ while Dame Edna’s last show was ‘Dame Edna: Back with a Vengeance.’

The anticipation has reached a fever pitch amongst the fans of these two celebrities, especially after they started doing previews of the show on Broadway. The musical itself is divided into three segments consisting of two solo performances by the two performers followed by the combined act. The combined act is especially interesting because of the distinct difference between the talents of these two celebrities and the level of synergy is something that has every fan and critic is curious to watch. All About Me Broadway trail began as two different shows but merged later for some undisclosed reason. However, the reason for this merger is not something that the musical enthusiast is focusing on but the expectation that the two vastly different performers are expected to create something really creative and innovative.

The show, whose date of opening is on 18 March 2010, is be hard to watch primarily because of the audience attraction that such a collaboration has resulted in. In other words, owing to the popularity of these two Broadway celebrities -- Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein -- the tickets for this show will need to be acquired well in advance. Also, the musical’s previews have received rave reviews from fans and critics alike which also a boost to its popularity. There would be multiple ways for a person to acquire the tickets for this highly anticipated musical. The reliable way to obtain tickets for all about Me Broadway show is through authorized ticket selling counters and shops near Broadway. The most convenient, however, would be to do so through reliable online ticket selling agencies. The biggest advantage with these online ticket selling websites is that the whole process does not take a lot of time and the tickets get delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. Even so, the buyer should make sure that the All About Me Broadway ticket seller is authorized by the proper authorities to do so. Potential buyers would also be advised to be careful of websites which may offer discounts or gifts along with the tickets being sold as they can often be unreliable.

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