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Ethel Barrymore Theater

243 West 47th Street

2 hours and 45 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

March 17, 2011 (Closing - June 19, 2011)

Broadway Play (drama)

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Wed & Sat 2pm

Mon through Sat 8pm

Tom Stoppard's Arcadia Broadway play takes the audience through many twist and turns. The play goes into a different style than most fans of the playwright may be use to. Mr. Stoppard seems focused much more on realism than past works, the characters, plots and scenarios all present plausible situations. Consider the production an intriguing mix of Hollywood thriller blended within a romantic comedy. It certainly is nota play in one watches passively. It demands a lot of attention from the viewer but pays it back ten-fold. An intriguing mystery is explored and revealed and there are some great laughs and moments along the way.

The revival of Arcadia Broadway play presents a story, which is based in two different time periods. The set is an English country room which is present in the 19th century as well as the current day (1993 in the original). The setting intermingles the two times periods and characters within them. The props around the room never change as the story bounces around, laptop computers, mugs, books and quill pens.

The early period of the story centers around a young genius, many years ahead of her time and her tutor named Riley. The men and women of the era leave behind notes and writings, many of which become passed through time. The modern period plot follows another two main characters. The professor played by Crudup and a popular novelist played by Williams. The two begin a quest of playing literary detectives trying to uncover what had happened in the house some two hundred years ago.

Arcadia originally debuted on Broadway in 1995 where Crudup originated the role of Riley the tutor. The latest production started in London in 2009. The current Broadway revival includes Margaret Colin, Glenn Fleshler, Grace Gummer, Edward James Hyland, David Turner, Noah Robbins (playing two roles covering both time periods), and Byron Jennings. Set design of Hildegard Bechtler is used to create the atmosphere of the open and stark room with the focus around a large wooden table. The French windows present a view of nothingness bringing attention to useful items of both time periods such as the laptop or the 19th century standing telescope in the corner. Gregory Gale handles the costume design for both time periods. He works to blend waistcoats and cravats with jeans and sweaters as the play collapses time and space once again through its character's wardrobes.

The Arcadia Broadway revival is bursting with energy. As the script progresses through its journey around time, space and the quest for knowledge it becomes reminiscent of "chaos theory". David Leveaux's direction is superb as he guides a talented cast into delightful performances. Though some perhaps my find the play overwhelming at times it certainly delivers something fresh and new to Broadway. You can view our great selection of Arcadia Broadway tickets online by clicking the link.

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