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Music Box Theatre

249 West 45th Street

2 hours 20 minutes : One 15 minute intermission

November 20th, 2007

Broadway Play (Dramatic Comedy)

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August: Osage county Broadway has wowed both theater-goers and critics alike. Despite dealing with a heavy subject matter and running for roughly three hours, the play leaves a lasting impression and brings forth a number of characters that are not forgotten easily. The most memorable of them all is, undoubtedly Violet Weston.

Matriarchal Madness

The stage has been home to some of the most unforgettable matriarchal characters of our times. These women have not stayed in our minds simply for their antics but they have made an impression because they are a mixture of the good and the bad. They are rounded characters who are damaged, tragic and terrifying as well. One of the most well-known character is that of Amanda in The Glass Menagerie, who uses guilt and manipulation to try and turn her family around. And yet these actions are spurred by love, especially for her children.

Martha from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Mary Tyrone from Long Day's Journey Into Night are other characters that have left a lasting impression. We meet the next matriarch to join their ranks in August: Osage county Broadway. Violet Weston has the acidic tongue of Martha and lives in the same kind of drug-induced stupors as Mary. Of all the characters in the play, she not only plays a pivotal role but also jars the audience with her unbridled malice.

Secrets And Lies

August: Osage county Broadway depicts the life of the Weston family. They seem normal enough with their mother and father living in the family house in Oklahoma. But one just needs to scratch the surface gently to see that the family is burdened with years of secrets, betrayals and malice. Beverley, the father of the household, who was an alcoholic, disappears mysteriously. He leaves behind his wife Violet, acid-tongued, drug addicted and suffering from mouth cancer.

In order to cope up with the ordeal, the rest of the Weston clan comes down to Oklahoma. Barbara, the eldest daughter tries to take control of matters, but is bogged down by her deteriorating marriage and marijuana-using teenage daughter. Barbara's sisters Ivy and Karen are also present. Ivy is withdrawn and allows her mother to verbally abuse her. As the entire clan comes together under one roof, old wounds are raked open. Though August: Osage county Broadway is laden with heavy issues like abuse, adultery and pedophilia, it does not sink into a maudlin melodrama. The dialogues are both funny and dark and each character is endowed with their own share of acid. While Violet is by far the most vitriolic of them all, the daughters have their share of hot words as well.

This play is anything but light and easy; rather, it offers the viewer a rich-layered view into the life of these people. On the outside, many would assume that the Westons are like any other family. However, inside, there are layers of secrets, betrayals and hatred that simmer.

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