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Music Box Theatre

249 West 45th Street

2 hours 20 minutes : One 15 minute intermission

November 20th, 2007

Broadway Play (Dramatic Comedy)

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The popularity of August: Osage County tickets are one of the surprises of the season. For a play that is about three hours long and has a large number of characters, the piece has riveted audiences and is already being compared to dramatic masterpieces like Long Day's Journey Into Night.

Lets Talk About Letts

The play is written by playwright Tracy Letts, who is no stranger to the stage. He has been a part of the legendary Steppenwolf Theatre Company since 2002 and holds a Pulitzer nomination for Man From Nebraska. As a writer, Letts has flexed his muscles on television, movie and stage, lending his writing talents to movies like Bug and acting in shows like Seinfeld and Judging Amy.

One of the main reasons why the demand for August Osage County tickets have been so high is because many critics have compared this work to playwrights like Tennessee Williams. Letts has always placed special emphasis on the importance of sound in a play and is known for his robust dialogues that mix tragedy with dark humor. In this particular piece, Letts lays bare the skeletons in the closet of a family in rural Oklahoma. As the play progresses, layers of old wounds are revealed and new ones are created.

A Hard Tale

Theatergoers with August Osage County tickets will follow a sequence of events in the life of the Weston family. Beverley Weston is a professor and the family patriarch living with his wife Violet in rural Oklahoma. Beverley makes no bones about the condition of his life. He is an alcoholic and his wife a pill-popper with mouth cancer. He makes this clear to the maid that he hires, to take care of them, as they are too far gone to care for themselves.

The real action begins when Beverley mysteriously disappears. The rest of the Weston family descends on the household under the pretext of offering support. But each person brings their own burdens and as they are forced to be together under the same roof, tempers flare and secrets are revealed. The Weston family history is riddled with adultery, abuse and even incest.

Those with August Osage County tickets will soon realize that the play is certainly not for light viewing. Each family member is damaged and angry in his own way. Barbara, the eldest daughter tries to bring some order to the household, but she is also dealing with a failed marriage and a daughter who is addicted to marijuana. Violet is an acid-tongued matriarch who uses guilt and manipulation against everyone and seems hell-bent on emotional destruction.

In the hands of a less-experienced playwright, this kind of scenario could easily degenerate into a melodramatic mess. But this does not happen here. Instead, we see a group of flawed people who are bound together by familial bonds and these are not necessarily the affectionate ones.

August Osage County Tickets

This play has been tagged as one of the major hits of the season, so do not miss your chance to watch it. Tickets might be hard to get so it is a good idea to book them in advance. If you are pressed for time, you can always book your August Osage County tickets online with an authorized ticket vendor. To view a great online selection of August Osage County Tickets click the link!

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