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John Golden Theatre

252 West 45th Street

2 hours and 15mins with one intermission

July 10, 2003

Broadway Play (Drama)

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After having a successful run off Broadway in 2003 where it was extended four times and received rave reviews Avenue Q opened on Broadway. This award-winning show made its debut in July of that same year and currently plays at the John Golden Theatre. This show is unique to Broadway because all but three of the main characters are puppets.

The show is set in New York City on Avenue Q which is advertised as the only place a recent college grad, a person just out of a job or just plain broke can afford to live. Princeton, a puppet, is desperately trying to find his purpose in life while trying to stay financially afloat. He moves into the neighborhood where he meets several other people/puppets in his same situation, and together they try to find the meaning of life as they try to grow up. The story is not at all complex, but it does deal with basic life situations and relationships.

The production is heavily inspired by Sesame Street. The mood of the show and the songs are in classic Sesame Street style and several of the characters are actual parodies of some of the popular Muppet characters. For instance, the Trekkie Monster seems to be based on Cookie Monster while the roommates Rod and Nicky are adult versions of Bert and Ernie. But make no mistake about it; this is certainly not your child’s Sesame Street. Because of the adult content; internet porn, sex, racism and in some scenes nude puppets the show specifically disclaims any connection to The Children’s Television Workshop or the Jim Henson Company.

The production was nominated for six Tony Awards and in an industry surprise won three including Best Original Score and Best Musical beating out what was thought to be the season’s front runner; Wicked. The music and lyrics are by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx. The puppets were designed and created by Rick Lyon. Both Marx and Lyon worked for Sesame Street as did the other puppeteers in the original cast which may explain the strong influence over the production. After debuting on Broadway the puppets became so popular that they could also be seen at the Tony Awards and in 2004 they appeared with George Bush and John Kerry puppets at Times Square’s Duffy Square for a fictitious political debate.

Avenue Q is a fresh idea for Broadway with the telling of the story through puppets and using them as lead characters. The audience can relate to the main theme which is finding your way in life through relationships and careers. We may not always know where we are headed and at times we stumble through, but somehow life has a way of happening and hopefully we can keep up. We usually don’t end up where we thought we would, but we make the best of it and sometimes we are pleasantly surprised. The show is part reality, part fantasy and is quite entertaining. Avenue Q is a place where anything can and usually does happen. This is not your standard production, but it makes for a nice escape-!

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Show Times

Mon - Sat at 8pm

Wed & Sat at 2pm


Take the A, C, E to 42nd Street. Exit 44th Street and head north to West 45th Street, then walk east to the theatre.


Christian Anderson
Jennifer Barnhart
Natalie Venetia Belcon
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Barrett Foa
Jordan Gelber
Ann Harada


MUSIC & LYRICS - Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx

DIRECTOR - Jason Moore

SETS - Anna Louizos

LIGHTING - Howell Binkley

COSTUMES - Mirena Rada

SOUND - Acme Sound Partners



PUPPETS - Rick Lyon

ANIMATION - Robert Lopez


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