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Located on the corner of Broadway and 74th St., is an Art Deco style venue from the era known as the ‘Golden Age of Broadway.’ Designed by Walter W. Ahlschlager, an architect from Chicago, the 2,849-seat venue opened in 1928. Originally built as a vaudeville hall, with the advent of ‘talkies’ and the demise of the vaudeville era, it became a movie palace. Beacon Theater has been recognized as a National landmark, and is legally protected against alteration and demolition.

The Beacon Theater features a three level auditorium, an open-air lobby, bronze front doors, ornate moldings, white marble floors, and corridor murals. Its proscenium arch is distinguished by 30 feet tall statues of Greek women on either side. The Beacon Theater, today, has a reputation as ‘the’ concert house, and has presented both stage and music performances over the decades.

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The Theater

You gain entry into the theater - to its opulent two-story circular lobby - through its bronze-doored vestibule. The corridor murals depict Eastern scenes with elephants, camels and caravans.

The Beacon Theater, with its flawless acoustics, is considered one of the best venues for top class shows, and concerts. Starting with silent and talking movies, it has hosted operas and orchestras, ragtime and jazz bands, as well as hard rock. It has also hosted gospel choirs, and a wide variety of dramatic productions, and has often offered light comedy aimed at African-American audiences.

Though huge with a capacity for more than 2,800 seats, the concert venue, with its curtain-less proscenium stage offers its performers plenty of room to perform, and the audiences flawless sight lines, with no obstructions of any kind, from almost anywhere in the theater.

Smoking is not allowed in the theater, and everyone, including all children, must possess a valid ticket.

Attending The Shows

A theater with such great acoustics, and offering a variety of entertainment, such as operas and orchestras, ragtime and jazz bands, and rock shows, will have all its shows totally sold out. Purchasing tickets from the box office is an option, provided you have the time and patience to wait in line for hours, hoping that the tickets are still available when your time comes.

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