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Richard Rodgers Theatre

226 West 46th Street

Two hours and 10 minutes, one 15 minute intermission

March 31, 2011 (Closing: July 3, 2011)

Broadway Play (Dramatic Comedy)

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Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Broadway is a daring and different new play written by American playwright Rajiv Joseph. His well received work is nominated for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama award. The production first debuted in Culver City, California at the Kirk Douglas Theatre on May 10, 2009. After a successful run, the production transferred to Los Angeles at the Mark Taper Forum before closing on May 30, 2010. Getting the show onto Broadway was certainly not an easy task. The play is not a mainstream work fit for New York's commercial theatre, but with Robin Williams name across the marquee producers hope to catch a piece of the Broadway box office. With Mr. William's name, mixed to positive reviews from top critics, the Pulitzer nomination and the curiosity of theatergoers the production should at least be able to recoup it's three million in costs.

Mr. Joseph's work tells the story of a tiger living at the Baghdad Zoo. The Tiger is caught to witness the Iraq war and its many atrocities. He speaks to the audience of what has happened to the other animals of the zoo after the war and spends his time roaming the streets of Baghdad in search of the meaning in it all. Through the playwrights dark and witty style the viewer is sent through a microcosmic view into the world of Iraq after the invasion. The audience is forced to "feel" the chaos and contemplate the moral dilemmas today's world faces. The play blends in intelligent humor while creating a groundbreaking stage show for Broadway.

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Broadway is under the direction of Moisés Kaufman (33 Variations) whom does a stellar job. He directs an extremely talented cast most of whom transferred from Mr. Kaufman's Los Angeles production, including Glenn Davis as Tom, Brad Fleischer as Kev. Williams does a marvelous job playing "the tiger." His character is not dressed in costume as a tiger, but rather he wears nothing more than a beard alongside a tattered appearance. William's completely embodies his role of the tiger and delivers a poignant, intelligent and quite hilarious performance.

Furthermore, Mr. Joseph's work does not make attempts to point out obvious morals of war. He rather puts his focus on how soldiers and those involved with such violent fearful day to day events of war cope. The play is a character study of man and the almost animal instincts which become exposed under the situations. Each situation the play depicts brings out the realities of man, from Kev's trigger happy anxiety, Tom's despondent return to Iraq and the brilliant character of Musa, who represents perhaps the worst indulgences of man once the walls of civilization tumble.

The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Broadway play features truly lavish sets designed by Derek McLane. All the violence taking place within the play is set before breathtaking backdrops. The lighting design of David Lander works beautifully with the sets, adding shadows and rich colors, which expose the beauty of the once great city of Iraq. The sets, lighting and sounds create a climatic end for the play, one which is filled almost entirely by ghosts echoing all the violence brought to the city from the Hussein regime and the hopeful American invasion as well as victims both malignant and virtuous. The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Broadway play is different, challenging and daring in its delivery. Whether it finds a home with mainstream Broadway theatergoers is left to be seen, but anyone looking for a powerful and unique take on American theater then "Bengal Tiger" is not to be missed.

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