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Catching the best Las Vegas shows is on anyone's mind when planning their stay. With so many shows, venues and things to do it becomes very difficult. Many different shows always come up as considered the ones that must be seen when there. Usually it is the headliner acts that are most popular. These can include music acts, magic acts, comedians and other varieties of entertainment. Making sure to catch the best acts while spending time in Sin City is easy when you know all the top shows.

The best Las Vegas shows can be anyone of the many varieties the city provides. Art is always a subjective topic which comes down to personal opinion. While one may have a bias towards the classic acts others may like the newer shows that are being put on. One thing remains the same day in and day out, there is always a great show for everyone who heads out for an evening in Sin City. The biggest names in entertainment are always present on the neon signs lighting the streets.

There is of course one very easy way to help decide on the best Las vegas shows, the box office. The popularity for certain shows come from Vegas reviews of top critics, word of mouth buzz from people who have seen and loved a show and that is all seen from the box office grosses. Every year there is a handful of shows, which sell out like crazy. These shows are the ones that quickly become the most sought after shows to see. Not to say the lesser known and popular shows are not worth looking into, but if you want to see shows, which live up to the hype the ones selling out regularly usually deliver.

The entertainment scene of Las Vegas has grown in popularity recently. The acts are always pushing the limits. All you have to do is look at shows such as Cirque du Soleil and all the popularity these shows have gained to see how seeing Vegas shows has once again become the favored activity when in the city. Cirque du Soleil already has five different shows running in Vegas and is soon the add their sixth. The Cirque du Soleil shows are consistently considered some of the greatest entertainment for their amazing production values. It is the popularity of such shows, which bring in people from all over the globe for a vacation filled with top notch entertainment.

Musical acts are always providing a great time as well. There is always the big headliner music acts like that gain attention for being the Best Las Vegas shows each year. Currently, many are filling the seats to see Bette Midler. The Blue Man Group is a long standing show which is on many visitor's lists as a must see act. There are always great names in music headlining in Vegas, before Bette Midler was Celine Dion at Caesars Palace and Elton John's Red Piano, which was sharing the venue. These are examples of the quality of shows, which can be caught on any given night.

When thinking of theater shows one always thinks of Broadway. Some of the best Las Vegas shows are the musicals and plays. "Mamma Mia" at Mandalay Bay has become one of the most popular shows, which has sold over one million tickets since the 2003 opening. "Phantom"and "The Producers" are also very popular theater style shows for all the fans of theater entertainment.

The best Las Vegas shows are usually judged by their sales at the box office. The shows that are selling out each night seem to be the shows everyone is rushing to see. The popularity of these shows is a mix from great reviews and buzz created from those who saw and loved the acts. It makes getting seats to these shows very hard because most will be sold out far from the actual show time. The ticket's prices for these shows can go through the roof. It is a good idea to make sure and plan the stay in Vegas around the availability of tickets if catching great entertainment is the focus for the trip. If it is the big names and best Las Vegas shows you want to catch then be prepared, or you may end up disappointed. You can check out all our Best Las Vegas Shows Tickets Online by clicking the link!

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