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Imperial Theater

249 West 45th Street

Approximately two hours and 45 minutes, including intermission

Opening 13 Nov 2008 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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If you wish to see one of the best musicals ever by Elton John, go and get Billy Elliot Tickets. Entertaining the American audiences since November 13 this year, Broadway’s latest musical ‘Billy Elliot’ outlines the inspiring story of a young boy who fights adverse conditions to take forward his passion for dance. Based on an enormously popular and Academy Award nominated 2000 film by the same name, Billy Elliot tells the tale of boy who is interested in ballet while his father wants him to take up boxing.

The Setting

The musical, currently being staged at the Imperial Theatre is set in the north-east region of England and makes effective use of both irony and humor to highlight the lives of miners who are going through hell and the story of an 11-year old boy whose personal dreams clash with the aspirations of his father. Billy Elliot the musical is choreographed by Peter Darling and designed by Ian MacNeil. John Elton is the music director of the highly popular show. So grab your Billy Elliot Tickets today if you wish to be a part of this musical treat.

Set during the historic miner’s strike of 1984, the show brings both tears and smiles as it takes one through the life of Billy Elliot, the youngest son of a blue collar family and the hurdles in his passion for dance. While the boy’s mother has died recently, his father Jackie and brother Tony are active participants of a violent miners’ strike that takes place during the governance of Margaret Thatcher. In contrast to his father’s aspirations of seeing Billy as a champion boxer, the young lad wishes to become a dancer. Billy Elliot, the musical shows on one hand, the struggle and the pain of the miners, their clashes with the police on the hand and on the other hand, Billy’s attempts to escape from all the anger and violence.

Fate provides him the opportunity to learn ballet with the help of a local dance teacher at a school being run in one wing of the boxing gym. Without his father’s knowledge, Billy learns dance while aspiring to take part in an imporatant audition for the Royal Ballet School, a dream chance for all dance lovers. Although Billy misses the audition due to his brother’s arrest, his father becomes aware of the boy’s interest in dance. However, once the boy’s father recognises his son’s passion and potential, he encourages and guides him to go ahead and one day Billy Elliot gets a lead role in a famous musical.

Get hold of Billy Elliot Tickets if you want to be a part of the show that effectively brings out the uncertainty and the struggling times faced by Billy’s family on one hand and the boy’s passion for music and ballet on the other. The excellent music numbers by Elton John and the rhythmic dance sequences are bound to thrill you. Three actors have been chosen to play the lead role and will do so by taking turns. Billy’s role is currently being played by 13-year-old Trent Kowalik. While Haydn Gwynne enacts the role of Billy's ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson; Frank Dolce, plays the role of Michael, Billy's cross-dressing best friend. Gregory Jbara is enacting the role of Billy's blue-collar father, and Santino Fontana is playing the part of Billy's angry older brother, Tony.

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