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January 25, 2007

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The Revival Show

Irish playwright Brian Friel’s production, which made it previews on January 4, 2007, opened at the Manhattan Theater Club’s Biltmore Theater on January 25 and closed on March 11, 2007, after a very short run. This was a revival show, as it had already made its American Premiere earlier at Manhattan Theater Club in 1980.

A three act play written in 1980, Translations is set in Baile Beag (Ballybeg) a small imaginary agricultural village in 19th century Ireland. The play is not only about language, but also deals with issues, such as communications and cultural imperialism, among others. The setting of the story is 1833 Ireland, but the issues are still relevant today.

If you are looking for an evening of laughs, then this splendid play is not the right choice for you. You require an effort to keep up with the dialogues, with illusions to Greek and Latin literature, as well as to Irish history.

The Story

Translations is about the power of language, and its ability to unite and divide people in a time of cultural imperialism; and it is about the clashing cultures and tragedies of miscommunication.

In the 1833 village of Baile Beag the inhabitants cling to speaking Irish. Then you have a hedge school, whose students prepare for sessions of Latin and Greek under the tutelage of the pompous, usually drunk Hugh, and his lame and diffident son Manus. They are barely aware that Ireland, as they know it, may soon cease to exist. They are unaware of the ground shifting beneath their very feet – because the stern Captain Lancey and the shy, dreamy Captain Yolland of the ruling British arrive to make a new map of the country by standardizing all the country’s colorful town names into English.

There is a further development of the opening of a new National school, where children will be instructed all-day and only in English. Under the shadow of this cauldron mix, where the local populace is forced to confront the uncertain future, is the impossible romance between a soldier and the village girl.

Translations is not a ‘crowd pleasing’ kind of theater, and requires a lot of concentration by the audience. The Manhattan Theater Club has gone out of the way to present this fine production - which is unusual, to say the least – and that too twice!

The Biltomore Theatre Translations Information

The Biltmore Theater, built in 1925 for the Chanin Brothers with around 900 seats, opened on December 7, 1926. It had quite a checkered history. The Chanin Brothers lost it to the Federal Theater during the depression. Sold to the Warner Brothers and George Abbot in 1935, it was leased to the CBS in 1952 to be used as a radio and TV studio but reverted back to a legitimate theater in 1961.

Subsequent to its destruction by arson in late 1987, the Biltmore Theater remain closed for the next 14 years, and was purchased by the Manhattan Theater Club in 2001.

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