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Are you thinking of gtoing to a hit show like Mamma Mia, Lion King, Mary Poppins, Hairspray and Phantom of the Opera? Usually, the theater tickets of hit shows are sold out well in advance. So you would need to plan in advance when it comes to purchasing a ticket.

You have various options with regard to the modus operandi that you can adopt for booking theater ticket. You could buy the tickets from:

The box office when the tickets become available or on the day of the performance.Online auction portals or from the secondary market.An authorized ticket broker.

If there is an upcoming show that you want to watch, you could purchase the ticket when they first become available. You may have to stand in a queue for a long time to obtain the ticket. If the show is highly in demand, you may not even get a ticket. It may be sold out even before you reach the counter! In such a situation, you could come back for the day of the performance tickets. In this case, you would need to queue up for several hours before the performance starts without the assurance that you will get a ticket.

The next option of booking theater ticket is through online auction portals or from the secondary markets. Sellers in the secondary market do not have the authorization to sell the tickets. They buy the tickets from the box office and resell it online or at the theatre on the day of the performance. These resellers could be legitimate ticket brokers, individuals who have bought the tickets but do not require them anymore or swindlers who want to make a quick buck by selling fake tickets.

There are certain risks associated with buying tickets online from the secondary market. You cannot be sure whether the tickets are authentic. Even if they are, the seats may not have a good view. Some tips when buying tickets online are:

Use Paypal or a credit card. Never use a cashier’s check.If you are purchasing the tickets from an online auction, verify the credibility of the seller.

Booking theater ticket through the website of an authorized ticket broker is a good option if you have decided at the very last minute that you want to watch a show. Authorized ticket brokers usually have tickets of even sold out shows. You can choose the seats that you want after looking at the seating positions available and the prices of the tickets. These tickets are guaranteed and have a money back warranty too.

To buy a ticket from an authorized dealer, visit their website and choose the tickets that you want. You could either book tickets in advance or purchase them online for a current show. You can make the payment using your credit card. The tickets will then be delivered to you through FedEx within one day of your purchase.

These tickets are usually priced higher than the face value of the ticket. The difference in the price would depend on the demand of the ticket. However, the fact that you can get genuine tickets of the best shows from the comfort of your home offsets the difference in price. Booking theater ticket from an authorized broker is simple, convenient and safe.

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