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The Boston Red Sox has a peculiar history. Perhaps no other team in the Major League Baseball had to suffer as much misfortune as the players and the fans of the team have had suffered. The title drought of the team had been the longest running sporting soap opera in the country. While the loyal fans still bought up any Boston Red Sox game tickets, in the end though, like all soap operas , this also came to a happy climax.

The Back Ground

Boston Red Sox was one of the charter teams of American League, which started in 1903. They were the inaugural winners. During the 1920s, they were the best team around, winning the league title no fewer than four times. The last two of these four victories came in 1916 and 1918. Babe Ruth was the main player of the team during both these seasons. He played a major role in both these league triumphs.

Origin Of The Curse

Harry Frazee was the owner of the club at that time. After the victory in 1918, he did the unthinkable. He sold Babe Ruth to the arch rivals New York Yankees. It must be remembered that the rivalry between these two teams is one of the fiercest and the most famous sporting rivalries not only in the country but also in the whole world.

Frazee resorted to this radical move because of two reasons. The first is obviously the financial burden of the club. Frazee was not in good terms with the organizers of the then American League. In addition, Fenver Park, the home ground of the Red Sox, was owned by a trust. Frazee wanted to purchase the ground in order to have rights and control over the matches in the ground and revenue from gate collection.

In addition to Ruth, he sold several other key players too. However, many supporters of the club could not, and still cannot, digest the action of selling their star and popular player to their bitter rivals only. Fazee did manage to buy Fenver Park in 1920, but the club had to wait for 84 frustrating years to win the next league title.

Some other sports historians point out another reason for the sale of Babe Ruth. They suggest that Fazee wanted to finance a Broadway play and he sold the players to fund that play.

A Title Drought That Lasted 86 Years

Following the sales, as one could expect, the performance of Red Sox suffered. They made several changes in the management and brought in new players as well. But they could not win a championship. There were several near misses. The team specialized in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Fans attributed it to the curse of selling Babe Ruth. As the years went by, it appeared that even players started to believe in this curse. Boston Red Sox game tickets still were selling well and Fenway was packed most games.

Emergence Of Idiots

In 2002, a consortium called New England Sports Ventures, headed by John Henry, bought Red Sox. The new owners immediately made changes in the management and the team. The new team had players such as Johny Damon, Cliff Floyd, Alan Embree, Derek Lowe, Kevin Millar, Bill Mueller, and David Ortiz. The teams began to be called Idiots for their utter disregard for the “curse”. In 2004, they finally got to hit the bull very much in its eye by winning the league title. You can View Our Great Selection Of Boston Red Sox Game Tickets Online by clicking the link.

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