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Studio 54 Theater

254 West 54th Street


September 28, 2010 (Limited Engagement - December 5, 2010

Broadway Musical (Drama)

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Getting Brief Encounter Broadway tickets is like getting seats to a great theater for a movie. The production has been adapted from Noel Coward's famous and well received 1946 screen play by director Emma Rice. The play is very courage for her Broadway debut as the "likes" have never been seen before. It blends what made the movie such a success on the silver screen through Technicolor and projections but does not miss a beat as to why this play works so well on the stage. Actually, Coward's film was an adaptation from his stage play "Still Life," a one-act play he created in 1936. No doubt "Brief Encounter" will be one of the most talked about plays for the fall Broadway Season.

A Love Lost Story

Brief Encounter Broadway tickets would be best suited for those who love a great love story, heart ache and drama. At the core of the story is a sudden and passionate love affair that must be kept in check between the two married characters. Laura Jesson is a suburban housewife caught in the doldrums of her relationship. She spends a day each week going to town for some shopping and to see the latest movie at the local cinema. After finishing one of her outings she is waiting by the train to head home. We are introduced to Alec, a handsome young doctor who wipes away some grit that Laura has caught in her eye. The two engage in conversation, and the sparks instantly fly, they decide to meet again. The characters are constantly aware that they are pushing the envelope of infidelity but cannot control themselves from their feelings. Both have fear that their meeting will lead them exposed to friends. Eventually, they come to realize that there is no way they can pursue their wants and desires without hurting their own families. Laura and Alec make the decision not to see each other anymore but plan to have one more meeting together before parting their separate ways.

The show is set during the post-war era in England, and Coward's work shines brilliantly on the stage both in dialogue and song. The play is charming and touching but goes much deeper, it really is about outward appearances, repression and what lies beneath of what appears mundane. What makes Coward's film such a monumental success, as well as now the play, is the tension that arises. The two characters appear rigid, caught in their own personal daily grind and seemingly to be void of true inspiration from life. However, as we see the characters develop the passions, and desires attempt to break out from the bland, gray, buttoned up facade. The play works to bring out everything, which made the original film one of the greatest works in British cinema history.

When you get Brief Encounter Broadway tickets you will likely be impressed with some of the inventiveness of the production. The show has an old-fashioned feeling, almost one of a 60's or 70's era television show which the actors pull off nicely. The cast spends time roaming through the house, heading into the audience and performing songs. Between the imaginative use of the cast, songs and projections one are treated to some of the most ingenious works of stage-craft ever to hit Broadway. Certainly, what is being done to add new life into this story with fresh concepts by director Ms. Rice are impressive.

Brief Encounter Broadway tickets are selling at the Studio 54 Theater with previews beginning on .September 10, 2010. The production is an import from the Kneehigh Theatre and London's West End where it was well received. The show was in Brooklyn, NY where it enjoyed a sold out run at St. Ann's Warehouse before closing in early 2010. Emma Rice is credited for the adaptation and is the director of the production which will be her first show on Broadway. Brief Encounter is a limited-engagement set to close on December 5, 2010, act fast and see why so many are excited to catch this wonderful, touching and amusing play.

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