A History Of Broadway New York Theatre Tickets

Broadway New York Theatre Tickets History

New York has a very rich theater history, unlike any in the world. The origin of its rich theatrical history can be traced back to 1696 when a coffee house – The King’s Arms – on Broadway, just south of the Trinity Church, held Manhattan’s earliest theatrical performances. These were thought to be makeshift amateur performances.

The Beginnings

Records exist of an informal theater on the second floor of a building near the intersection of Maiden Lane and Pearl Street. A troupe of actors from London presented a repertory of plays in September 1732 at this place that held 400 spectators. This group offered a comedy – The Recruiting Officer – on December 6, 1732, which is the earliest documented professional performance in New York City. A newspaper of the day called this place ‘The Playhouse’ and performances continued for the rest of the decade.

By 1750, there was one formal place for performance of plays, a two story wooden structure known as the Theater on Nassau Street that held about 280 people. The first recorded stage performance – Shakespeare’s Richard III – was held here on March 5, 1750 by a resident company set up by actor-managers, Walter Murray and Thomas Kean. This company also performed the first recorded musical in New York – John Gay’s The Beggars Opera, on December 3, 1750.

The Theater on John Street, just around the corner from the Theater on Nassau Street, opened with a 1707 comedy by George Farquhar – The Beaux’ Strategem – on December 7, 1767.

After the Revolutionary War, George Washington is said to have attended a number of theatrical performances at the Theater on John Street. Many expert scholars argue that the earliest musical in New York – The Archers – was performed at this theater in 1796.

Bowery Theater opened in 1826, aiming at the upper class audiences but could not face the competition and decided to cater to the ‘working’ class. This formed two centers of entertainment in Manhattan – the Bowery area for the entertainment of the working class, and theater catered to the rich.

In 1829, Niblo’s Garden, owned by the impresario William Niblo at Broadway and Prince Street, became one of the popular spots in the City. The 3000-seat theater had the best-equipped stage in the United States, then. Accidentally, Niblo’s manager William Wheatley created theatrical history by helping out a stranded French ballet company stage its show, The Black Crook, which became the first mega hit in the history of theater in New York. Some consider this to be the first musical on Broadway, and which opened up the commercial possibilities of theater in America.

By the 1870s, the area near Broadway at 14th Street became the main theater district in New York City, and the names Broadway and theater became synonymous.

This is the humble beginning of what has become the greatest entertainment and the theatrical center of the world.

Theatre Tickets

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