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Theatres at New York Broadway run varieties of popular shows. Just by purchasing a Broadway NY theater ticket, you can have an access to the complete fun of the varied performances. Plays and musicals are most popularly run at Broadway theatres. When we look back at the history of theatre in New York, we would find that the ancient theatre consisted of much more varieties of shows than today. However, some of them gradually lost popularity and almost disappeared during the course of time. From early 1800s to the early 1930s, people of New York had many options of entertainment such as plays, musicals, comedies, melodramas, operas, minstrel shows, vaudeville and burlesque. While the Broadway NY theater ticket of the other types of shows is sold even today, the shows like minstrel shows, vaudeville and burlesque no longer exist and they have nearly gone into extinction. Let us just have a sneak peek into the shows that have faded from the scene of New York theatre.


Vaudeville actually is a group of variety entertainment. A ringmaster turned theatre manager named Tony Pastor in the year 1881 first featured it. A vaudeville show would include a series of unrelated variety acts by dancers, musicians, comedians, magicians, acrobats, trained animals, plays, minstrels and lecturing celebrities in the same evening. Pastor mainly aimed to draw more family audience to his shows. Hence, he maintained a ‘clean’ element in the vaudeville shows. Later E.F.Albee took further steps to make Vaudeville popular among the people of US. He undertook very strict action on people who tried to put offensive stuff into their acts. However, by 1930s, the talking pictures were introduced and that put an end to the vaudeville shows. People switched to films and most of the theatres started presenting cinemas exclusively. The popularity of vaudeville declined. Yet the multi-act format of the existing television shows like the ‘variety show’, ‘The Sullivan show’ resembles the vaudeville shows and hence we can say that the shadow image of these shows continues to exist. Broadway NY theater ticket is not available for Vaudeville shows.


Burlesque is a form of entertainment of satiric or parody humor. It consisted of comedians, dancing girls and mime artists performing comic skits usually a striptease comedy. Female performers performed in colorful costumes, in the backdrop of lush and elaborate sets with appropriate music and lighting. The dominant ingredient of these shows was striptease and they often mocked at the reputable entertainments such as ballets, musicals, operas and dramas. Again, by the end of 1930s, the burlesque shows ended and they slowly transformed into cabarets and performances that only focused on striptease.

Minstrel Shows

The Minstrel show is a variety entertainment in which white performers performed various acts like dancing, music, comic skits and variety acts in blackface. They imitated the African Americans and presented them as buffoonish, lazy, joyous, musical and ignorant. These types of shows flourished in the early 1830s and lasted up to a decade. They started losing their original popularity with the advent of vaudeville shows. These shows totally declined after African-Americans successfully won their fight against racism. No Broadway NY theater ticket is sold for Minstrel shows.

Although these shows have disappeared today, they are the important milestones in the history of theatre. All types of other plays and musicals are always popular among people and they are played in the Broadway theatres. Go and get your Broadway NY theater ticket booked from a ticket provider before they are completely sold out. To view a selection online for a Broadway NY Theater ticket click the link!

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