David Mamet’s Broadway Play Race

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Ethel Barrymore Theater

243 West 47th Street

100 Minutes with one 15 minute intermission

December 6, 2009 (Closing - August 21, 2010)

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Race Broadway Tickets

David Mamet is an American essayist, author, screenwriter, playwright, and film director. He is renowned for his blunt, clever, curt, and often vulgar dialogues. He has received several awards, including the Tony Award, Pulitzer Prize, and was nominated for the Oscar for his works - The Verdict and Wag the Dog. People keep waiting for something new from him. His most recent work is a play called Race. The play was premiered at the Broadway. It is based on the social disability of racial discrimination. David Mamet’s Broadway play Race is a revelation and has numerous effects on the audience, and that’s the precise reason why you better get the tickets to experience the drama in person.

The Plot Of The Play

The plot of the play is very simple with two partner lawyers, an African American and a white male, discussing the option of taking or refusing a case with their African American law clerk.  The case is about a rich white man, charged with raping an African American woman. The play is all about lies and discrimination. The topic that the writer has chosen is a very sensitive topic that everyone is aware of, but no one wishes to discuss. The way Broadway Play Race discusses lies, sex, rape, guilt, and the four letter word Race, is simply outstanding.

The Play As An Eye Opener

The Broadway play Race is an eye opener and it has the power to touch the heart of people. The outcome of the play and how it is perceived depends upon the individual beliefs of a person. The play gives out a message of awareness of the common ailment or racism that prevails in the society. The play also leaves many questions unanswered in a person’s mind, provoking him to find the right answers. It is set with a theme of race and the lies that surround the racial discrimination.  

The Broadway play Race is a drama that provides shocks to audiences with the boldness that it proceeds with. The play raises painful questions in a demeaning manner, and spiky ideas with stimulating dialogues. The play is a combination of irony and cynical jokes, and sharp and somewhat harsh provocations. Depending upon the individual audience, the jolting words of the play can be perceived as a well deserved reprimand and awakening, or a profound sentimentalism.  

The Broadway play Race is a combination of various different writing styles of David Mamet. It is a blend of taunt and wit, and a gloves-off approach with a subject matter that is rather provocative. In this play, Mamet has presented a challenging and a confrontational topic, leaving more questions than answers. This is possibly one of the most provocative plays written by David Mamet, causing the audience to discuss it for days. People are compelled to talk about it, in order to understand their own views of the topic. Therefore, to have the real idea about the whole thing, you need to be there. Go, get the Race Broadway tickets!

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