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Neil Simon Theatre

250 West 52nd Street

2 Hours 20 Minutes with Intermission

October 26, 2010 (Closing: January 9, 2011)


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The Broadway show Rain is more of a concert event than traditional theater experience. For Beatles fans and fans of early rock music the show is sure to meet expectations. Performed by one of the top tribute bands in history, "Rain" presents a true concert experience. Dressing up like the "Fab Four" through each era of the groundbreaking career and performing all the songs that have made John, Paul, George and Ringo considered the greatest songwriters in music history. Even the most die hard fans, and critics are sure to find great enjoyment within the context of this nostalgic show.

One of the best parts of the Broadway show Rain is that they never try to do too much with the show. The production includes historical footage of the bands long journey on the video screens along with classic commercials and close-ups of the band as they perform. For the most part, that is the show. It does not try to be something that it is not. The audience is encouraged to participate as if it was a real Beatle's concert rather than a Broadway show. The idea here is to take a step back and relive the experience. The audience can jump out of their seats, dance and scream to their heart's delight. This adds a great amount of fun and excitement to the show and depending on the crowd it really can make the show come alive!

Another fun part of the Broadway show Rain is that many songs the tribute band plays were never performed live by the Beatles. The final Beatle's tour was in 1966, which was before some of the best work from the band on such albums as Sgt. Pepper, The White Album and Abbey Road. The audience is treated to being able to hear many of their greatest songs live in concert. Sure, nothing can replace the original Beatles but "Rain" does one heck of a job trying. The band is well respected for keeping true to the band's music. They treat each song with the utmost respect much like a modern classic composer to a Mozart piece. Remember this a tribute band not a cover band. Their intention is to play each note perfectly without and improvisation.

Attempts to bring the Beatles to Broadway have had little success over the years. There was the original Broadway production of " Beatlemania" which ran until 1982 with some success. Then there was the disappointing musical "Lennon" which opened on August 14, 2005 and only ran for 41 days. The show "Rain" actually began in the 1970's as a tribute band going by the name ""Reign." After the Beatlemania show closed the band began working with the cast of the Broadway production and eventually became an offshoot. The band would change its name to the common spelling "Rain" and become one of the biggest grossing acts for its genre (touring tribute band). The band has toured since the 1970's around North America and Europe with great success.

Now with the veteran members of the original "Beatlemania" production under their belt "Rain" has hit the Broadway stage for a limited run at the Neil Simon Theatre until January 15, 2011. The show has been extended when it will move to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. For Beatle's fans, fans of music or anyone just looking for a fun nostalgic concert experience than the Broadway show Rain is sure to deliver!

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