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Broadway show theater tickets are usually available at the box office, however, there are many ticket providers and booking agencies that will provide you tickets either over the phone or through internet. Getting a ticket for Broadway show is not very difficult these days. But before you go about trying to book one for yourself, it is important to know about the terminology used in buying the ticket.

Terms Used In Ticket Buying

Ordering tickets: When you decide to buy the Broadway show theater tickets from a ticket provider, you have two options. You can place an order by phone or through the internet. However, if you deal online, remember that an email order will not be accepted. The ticket agencies charge fees for their services that usually vary for each one of them.

Ticket delivery: Regardless of whichever provider you choose, you will be provided with three options for the delivery of tickets. They are – will call, US Mail and Overnight delivery. You will have to choose between any one of them.

Will call option: All the box offices and ticket providers allow you to exercise the will call option. It means that your ticket will be held at the box office and you will have to pick it up on the day of the intended performance. You can collect the Broadway show theater tickets usually 30 to 60 minutes before the curtain time. These tickets are handed over only to the person whose last name, as specified in the credit card appears on the ticket. You may have to present the confirmation number, a photo ID and the credit card that you have used for the purchase for identification.

Confirmation number: Confirmation number is very important if you prefer to pick up your ticket at the box office. Every phone or online ticket agency will provide you with a confirmation number for the tickets booked by you. If you have booked online tickets, you may have to present the printed copy of the email confirmation at the ‘will call’ window.

Cancellations and refunds: Be very careful regarding the correct date and time while booking Broadway show theater tickets as ticket providers absolutely do not grant any refund or exchanges on ticket cancellations. However, they do grant a refund only when the show is postponed or cancelled. It is advisable to go through the terms and conditions offered by the ticket provider as each one of them may vary according to individual policies.

Facilities For Disabled And Handicapped Persons

Special facilities are available for disabled people at Broadway theatres. They run special shows for the hearing impaired and provide assisted listening devices. Some of the Broadway and Off Broadway shows offer open captioning for the benefit of hearing impaired. Open captioning denotes to the text displayed along with the live dialogues or speech during the performance. Interpreters are also available at the theatres who will interpret the performance to the deaf through sign language. Special seats are available for the disabled and the handicapped.

Broadway Show Theater Tickets Online

It is always advisable to buy tickets from an authorized ticket agency to avoid being duped by frauds. It is imperative that you check the ticket provider’s validity with the Better Business Bureau. Booking tickets from ticket agencies will save your time and you can get all the tickets and Off Broadway tickets at one place. To view a huge online selection of Broadway show theater tickets click the link!

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