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New Amsterdam Theatre

200 West 45th Street

2 Hours 45 Minutes, 15 Minute Intermission

November 16th, 2006 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Mary Poppins, the new musical based on the P.L. Travers stories and the Walt Disney film, lights up the stage with exuberance and magic that creates one fantastic musical extravaganza! The colorful score contains many of the classic Disney songs with added upbeat choreography as well as a few welcomed new additions. The quaint New Amsterdam Theatre gives this theatrical experience a cozy at home feeling. Mary Poppins is no exception to the “pull out all the stops” rule that is simply Disney. Like it’s predecessors Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Tarzan the set designs, costumes, special effects and score are all unbelievable! Prepare to be dazzled!

The chemistry between the two leads is enchanting. You will truly get the feeling that they knew each other at some other time and that Bert is quite taken by Mary whimsical powers and all. Ashlee Brown recently made her Broadway debut as Belle in Beauty and the Beast and transitions nicely into the title role. She portrays the character with a sense of authority, but can also be warm-hearted when the scene allows for it. Brown’s interpretation of the role allows her to create a balance between the stern caregiver and the caring woman that wants to make things right for the family she is employed by. Brown is not Julie Andrews and should probably not be compared to her because Andrews is the only Mary Poppins that any of us really know and those are some pretty big shoes to fill. If you go into this show expecting Julie Andrews you may be slightly disappointed. This is, after all, a Broadway production and Brown’s performance reflects that fact. She brings a fresh approach to the character that cleverly keeps her in the era for which she was written, but subtly modernizes her to connect with today’s audiences. Brown definitely does the flying nanny justice!

Gavin Lee is absolutely charming in the role of Bert. He comes to New York directly from the London transfer of this production and brings with him a very seasoned performance. Now, while I didn’t want to compare Brown to Andrews I couldn’t help but notice a glimmer of Dick Van Dyke, the original Bert in the film, in Lee’s performance. But, in the case of this particular character I think it works. Lee delivers his dialogue with such enthusiasm and confidence, and his timing is impeccable. The “Step in Time” routine is a phenomenal display of theatrics and talent, and is worth the price of admission.

Mary Poppins has it all; an interesting plot, comic relief, strong characters that the audience cares about and spectacular singing and dancing. It is everything you could want in a theatrical production and can also be enjoyed by the whole family. This mesmerizing show is one you won’t want to miss and is sure to have a long stage life!

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