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A taste for theatre is in the blood of every New York citizen. Broadway theatres are the patrons of this great culture. Tickets of New York Broadway Theatre are sold out generally much in advance for popular shows. This shows the theatre mania of the people here. While visiting a theatre, one generally comes across some commonly used terms at the venue. Here are some meanings for the terms that are often used at a theatre that would help the first time theatre-goers.

Terms Relating To The Stage

Following is the glossary that you should know before booking Broadway Theater tickets New York.

Backstage: This denotes the space that is reserved for the crew and the actors. The area consisting of the dressing rooms, storage space for costumes and props, green room and wing space is usually called as backstage.

Downstage: The area of stage that is closer to the audience is known as Downstage.

Fourth Wall: It is an imaginary wall in between the actors and the audience. When actors directly speak to the audience and acknowledge their presence, it means that they are ‘breaking the fourth wall’.

On stage: It refers to any part of the stage where the actors can be seen performing.

Proscenium stage: This type of stage is mostly found in Broadway theatres. The sides and the top of the stage are framed and the stage appears like a picture.

Upstage: The area that is farthest to the audience is called as upstage.

Wings: This is the space where the actors wait for their cue and make an entry into the stage. This is usually located at the adjacent side of the stage.

Commonly Used Terms Relating To Audience And Seating Arrangements

Here are the meanings of the terms relating to the seating arrangements that will help you book Broadway Theater tickets New York - according to your preference.

Balcony: These are seats situated above the mezzanine level. Balcony seats are the lowest priced ones and are least preferred because they are located at the farthest back rows.

Box seats: Box seats usually have five to six seating capacity. They are the highly priced ones. They are located in a slightly elevated position from the orchestra level, on either side of the proscenium. However, the drawback for these seats is that only a part of the stage can be viewed as just two thirds of the stage is visible from these seats.

House: The lobby and the area reserved for the audience is generally known as house.

Mezzanine: The seats that are located on the floor above the orchestra level are called mezzanine seats. These seats give a complete view of the stage from a high elevation. Mezzanine seats are always in demand and are quite expensive, usually equaling the New York Broadway theatre orchestra tickets.

Orchestra: Orchestra seats are the best and most popular seats in the house. They are located at the same level of the orchestra pit. It gives a full and clear view of the stage.

Tips For Booking Broadway Theater Tickets New York Style

Hope the above stated details will help you understand the theatrical terminology and improve your knowledge. Now when you visit a theatre, you will be much more comfortable and confident. All you have to do is to book your Broadway Theater tickets New York right now from an authorized ticket broker and get ready for the fun that is sure to follow. To view a huge selection of Broadway Theater tickets New York online click the link!

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