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Welcome to one of the most famous attractions of New York City - Broadway. Theatre lovers can book their Broadway theater tickets NY and enjoy live theatrical performances. Broadway is the most commonly used word in this city. Let us take a look at what it actually means. The Actors Equity Association of New York has classified theatres based upon the type of theatre in which a show is played. Generally, theatres are divided into three categories viz., Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway.

Broadway Theatres

Broadway acquires its name from the well-known street of the same name. A ‘Broadway show’ in its literal sense denotes to a musical show or play staged in one of the 39 theatre venues that are situated in mid town Manhattan. These venues are mostly located in and around the Time Square, which is also known as the famous ‘theatre district’. Broadway theatres have approximately 500 to 2000 seating capacity and they are situated in the 10-block area in mid-Manhattan.

The most distinguished producing organizations like Walt Disney, The Shubert Organization, Dodger Theatricals and The Nederlander Organization usually own and operate the Broadway theatres. Apart from these, some non-profit organizations like Manhattan Theatre Club, Lincoln Centre theatre and Roundabout Theatre Company also own some of the current Broadway Venues.

The length of the shows run at Broadway theatres are classified into two types based upon the sales of Broadway theater tickets NY. An ‘open-ended run’ means that there is no scheduled closing date. Whereas a ‘limited run’ means that the show will run for certain weeks and close on a specified date.

Off Broadway Theatres

The next category in theatres is Off Broadway that does not have a centralized theatre district. These theatres are found everywhere and shows are played almost all round the city. They are classified Off Broadway mainly because they are situated in and around the theatre district and they have a seating capacity of 100-499 seats. Government grants, season ticket subscribers and individual donors often finance Off Broadway theatres. Hence, they are able to take riskier projects at the same time assuring that they generate enough profits. The Off Broadway theater tickets NY can be purchased online with authorized ticket brokers.

Off Off Broadway Theatres

The Off Off Broadway Theatres come into the last category of theatres. These theatres are smaller as compared to their Broadway counterparts. They usually have less than 99 seats and are found all over the city in bars, night clubs, basements, office buildings, public schools, churches and in some of the converted commercial spaces. Due to their flexibility and intimacy, they flourish everywhere and form the major performance venues in the New York City today. Due to various location and cost factors, Off Off Broadway shows are presented on a small scale and the value of production depends on it.

Getting Broadway Theater Tickets NY
The above information might have provided you with enough idea of Broadway theatres. Now what are you waiting for? It is the time to enjoy a wonderful Broadway theatre experience. However, remember to book tickets in advance, as they are mostly sold out very quickly for popular shows. You can approach an authorized ticket agent who will be able to help you in booking tickets. To view a huge inventory of Broadway Theater tickets NY click the link!

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