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The anticipation of watching a live performance on the stages of New York theater is quite a thrilling experience. The 39 theaters designated as "The Great White Way" theaters have more than 12 million people passing through their portals annually to watch those excellent productions. For this reason it is not easy laying your hands on the Broadway tickets for shows of your choice. Many people, desperate to watch a particular show, go to any lengths to procure those tickets. Broadway tickets for shows of your choice can be purchased from the box office of the theaters showing those productions. However, it is not always easy, as the tickets for the popular shows are mostly sold out, months in advance.

Buying Broadway Tickets – The Safe Way

People at times resort to ways that can best be termed as risky, when trying to obtain Broadway tickets for shows they wish to see. These sources are best to be avoided:

The Re-Sale Forums – You may get lucky and get in touch with someone on the re-sale forums who is trying to re-sell the tickets, as they are unable to attend on that particular night. Make sure that what you are buying are real tickets, with real seat numbers, and this is not someone out to rip you.

Auction Sites Such As eBay – These are popular sites where many things are sold and bought. You may find someone trying to sell tickets for the show you are interested in, for the same reasons as above. Here too, you must exercise the same caution as you would when buying through a re-sale forum. People are known to palm off fake tickets. You only become wiser after the fact, after you have become lighter in the pocket!

Buying Through A Scalper – Some New York City theater tickets are cornered by certain unscrupulous brokers in connivance with certain employees of the theaters. This is certainly an unfair and corrupt practice but scalping does exist, and Broadway tickets for shows of your choice can be sourced through scalpers.

Scalpers are found standing across the street from the venue. Buying from them has certain risks, as you are not sure whether the ticket is genuine or not. Secondly, you will probably have to pay a hefty amount. Make sure you have plenty of cash.

If you are unable to procure your Broadway tickets for shows of your choice through the box office - Starving Artist Tickets, Anyone Rush Tickets, Discount Tickets, Partial View Tickets, Student Rush Tickets, or the Standing Room Only tickets – your other best option to lay your hands on safe tickets is through the many ticket brokers.

You need to check that the ticket broker you approach is licensed and a legitimate one. Check to see that the broker is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB). Such brokers operate to certain code of ethics.

Ticket brokers have been in the business of procuring Broadway tickets for shows that you would like to see, and have earned a great reputation over time.

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