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Minskoff Theatre

1515 Broadway (at 45th Street)

2 hours and 45 mins with One Intermission

November 13, 1997 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Do you want to watch the mischievous Simba play pranks with his friends, Timon and Pumbaa? Well, you must watch them; they are a complete entertainer! Get Broadway tickets for “Lion King” and spend some happy moments with cute animals!

What happens when a lion cub is thrown out of his kingdom by his father’s brother? What happens when he goes back to get his kingdom from the evil king? Who is his mentor in each moment of life? Who helps him in his fight for justice? These are some of the questions that will be answered by getting Broadway tickets for Lion King.

The show’s running at Minskoff Theatre. If you want to be a part of the exciting African jungle, with its equally exciting creatures, you need to book seats for The Lion King fast. This typical Disney movie has captured the hearts of whole America with its impressive storyline, interesting characters, and fine visual and sound effects.

Right from the first scene of “Lion King” till the end, you will find yourself glued to your seat. There is not a bit of boredom for the adults in the play, as some people think it to be a kids’ show. In fact, it’s a family entertainer, promising to bring out the child in you!

Watch the big fight of Simba, when he decides to take back his Kingdom from Scar. Watch how Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa play pranks on each other. Watch our cute little hero grow up in the woods of African jungle and make important decisions of life.

Indeed, there is something in “Lion King” that has made it possible to run house full for almost a decade! To know what it is, get Broadway tickets to Lion King. Don’t you want to sway with the terrific “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “I Just Cant Wait to Be King”? Remember the immortal “Hakuna Matata”? It’s there in the show once again! There are lots of giraffes, gazelles, birds, and other animals from Savanna wildlife that convert the stage into a jungle jingle!

The magic of “Lion King” has not faded even a bit, since it first opened in 1997, in the theater of Minneapolis. It exudes the same interest and delight from the audience that it did ten years back. It’s not just a regular kid’s movie. “Lion King” is for all. In fact, for the adults, it acts as a stress-buster! You laugh, cry, cheer up, and play with the characters, as the story proceeds, and forget all the tensions of your routine life.

Come; let out all your life’s tensions with Simba! Watch how he struggles with his own life and lives every moment with positivity and happiness. Learn a lesson or two about life from a lion, who is born to be the king of jungle. Get seats for Lion king and watch this show with your whole family.

Broadway Tickets Lion King

Who knows, maybe this show helps you in your own life’s problems, and helps you become the king of your life once again! Broadway tickets Lion King can sell out fast and often, it is always best to book the tickets well ahead of time. To view a great online inventory of Broadway tickets Lion King click the link!

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