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Are you aware of the hit shows currently running at Broadway? Finding it out is no big deal. Just call a theater ticket broker and get your tickets booked immediately. Theatre is a long prevailing culture in New York and to imagine this city without theatre is impossible. Every citizen of New York has an inborn theatrical instinct. People have developed this deep-rooted habit since ages. Let us explore some of the facts related to the fascinating history of theatre.

A Brief History

The history of theatre originates long back- to the 16th century. The British were the first to present stage performances in this city. As per records, the first professional performance in this city occurred on 6 December, 1732 by a troupe of actors from London. They staged a comedy titled ‘The recruiting officer’ after which it is believed that many troupes started performing. The first musical performance in New York was offered on 3 December, 1750. It was John Gay’s ‘The Beggars Opera’ presented in the theatre of Nassau Street. The Park theatre was built in Chatham Street in 1798. It was a very spacious theatre and it accommodated up to 2000 spectators.

Later, in 1826, the Bowery Theatre was opened, and it gave rise to a social division among the people. Although it was intended for the upper class audience, the management accommodated the working class due to the growing competition. Therefore, some of the rich patrons joined to build The Astor Place Opera House in 1847. The growing bitterness among the upper and working class literally broke out into a riot on 10 May, 1849. Few people were killed and most of them were wounded in the police firing. After this massacre, entertainment was divided among three classes – the operas for the upper class, melodramas and minstrel shows for the middle class and variety shows for the working class.

Golden Era

By 1870s, the Union square located at the 14th street near Broadway became the theater district of New York. It became the main place for theatres, and most of the producers and broker theater ticket negotiated in the sidewalks of the street. The city of New York experienced the golden era of theatre with the increase of infrastructure and theatre going population. Many theatres were built then and at the beginning of 20th century, there were about 33 legitimate theatres in this city. Lots of tourists came into the city to watch the famous shows and there was an increasing demand for more and more theatres. In 1927, neon lighting was introduced and it took the place of colored bulbs. This gave a new nickname to Broadway- ‘The Great White Way’.

The Ups And Downs Of Theatre

Another important event in the early 20th century is the formation of the Actors Equity Association. It was in the same period that the Off Broadway theatres started appearing. Venues of Vaudeville and Burlesque bloomed in the neighborhood and Broadway business attained its peak in 1927-28. The producers and the broker theater ticket were the primary ones to benefit in this period. However, by 1930s, with the advent of talking films there was a drastic setback to Broadway productions. Theatres were demolished and sold off and the producers were forced to declare insolvency.

Yet, the 1980s and 90s can also be called as the renaissance period because many famous production corporations like Disney and Mega musicals were able to bring back the lost glamour. Once again, theatre of Times Square flourished but now with an improved high tech glamour. Productions increased along with the costs and so did the ticket prices, thus making entertainment available only to people who could afford them.

Theatre thus remains the popular pastime for the people of New York City and it can never go into extinction. Apart from entertainment, it also provides the source of living to many people who depend upon it. The increase in theatres has gradually increased the demand for broker theater ticket today.

So, do not miss any opportunity to watch the hit shows at the Broadway theatre and call a broker theater ticket sales office immediately.

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