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If you have been unsuccessful in getting tickets, perhaps you haven’t read this. However, before going any further, it would be good to dig into some interesting facts about the legendary rock singer, who has been giving an adrenalin rush to entire America since years.

Columbia Records have released “Magic”. This is a new studio recording and his first recording with E Street Band in a span of 5 years. The album has been produced by Brendan O’Brien and features 11 latest songs by Springsteen. It has been recorded in Atlanta at Southern Tracks Recording Studio, GA.

“Magic” album contains the following songs:

“Your Own Worst Enemy”
“Radio Nowhere”
“Devil's Arcade”
“Last to Die”
“I'll Work for Your Love”
“Long Walk Home”
“You'll Be Comin' Down”
“Gypsy Biker”
“Livin' in the Future”
“Girls in Their Summer Clothes”

After “The Rising,” which has won the Grammy Award in 2002 and was the multi-platinum, smashing hit, ”Magic” is the first latest studio album, in association with E Street Band. Both the albums are produced by O’Brien.

According to Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau, “Magic” is a dynamic rock CD, enough to push everyone in high spirits. It’s got light music and displays a fine job done by Bruce and his band members. It portrays the intensity of life, just like other albums, and is a terrific entertainer. This album shows the creative relationship between artist and producer Brendan O’Brien. It is a magic bomb, ready to explode on the audience!

Tickets have got hotter after the release of “Magic”. Even those who were not attacked by the fever cannot escape the enchantment of the songs and lyrics.

"The Boss", whose songs are very much close to our own life, has attained iconic status because of his intensity exuded by his songs. He doesn’t just write lyrics. He feels them and turns them into words. And when the words combine with the melodious notes of his guitar, “Magic” is created!

It would be a shame to miss such a magic that penetrates straight into the deep corners of your heart and illuminates it. Bruce Springsteen concert tickets are something the whole world wants to get, even if they have to spend a few extra dollars. And why not? This is an experience of a lifetime!

Legends are not made everyday. Nor is such a heart touching music. Perhaps, this explains the huge rush for tickets. If you wish to get tickets without facing the maddening crowd, it’s best to either go online or dial a number of ticketing services. You can even request for home delivery. Who knows, you might get tickets for front rows!

So, don’t delay. Act fast and book your Bruce Springsteen concert tickets. Thanks to ticketing services, no fan would ever be disappointed now. To view a great selection of Bruce Springsteen Concert Tickets click the link!

"Boss", here we come!

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