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Bruce Springsteen

In 2006, Seeper Sessions Band consisting of 17 members rocked America. “The Boss” created a sensation by singing songs that were been passed from generations. The folk as well as the rock singer was Springsteen. Yes, we are talking about the same man, who has fans of all ages and from all walks of life, even those who are not fond of music!

He is believed to follow in the footsteps of Woody Guthrie and Elvis Presley. His road to success was not that easy, as it seems to be. After 10 years of sheer determination and hard work, he finally got the recognition all over the country as the preserver of rock & roll music. This was in 1975 that he became the one and only artist to create a collection of 50’s and 60’s rock and mold into the style of 70’s.

His style: a hard rocker like Jerry Lee Lewis with complex lyrics like that of Bob Dylan. The concerts came to be known as near-religious events, dipped in some fantastic and meaningful music.

The year 1975 was an awarding one for "The Boss". Time and Newsweek got him into the cover pages, covering each phenomenon that he created during his concerts and tours. His album “Born to Run” was a smashing hit. He became a live rock star.

This was decades back. Even today, he in an unshakable phenomenon. His career unfolds a series of best-selling albums that have broken records, several sold-out tours, a series of award, including an Oscar and many Grammy awards. Besides, he also has a group of imitators, who have composed their own type of pop music under the name of Heartland Rock.

In 1999, his name was introduced into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. He, along with E Street Band, gave a grand performance. This event served as an introductory part for a full-fledged tour depicting the band’s reunion. The tour was a two-year long trip in different continents. The critics talked wildly about it.

However, in 2001, there was an event called “Live in New York”, which featured a live recording of an album at the end of the tour at Madison Square Garden. In 2002, the band united again one the eve of “The Rising.” This show gained heavy applause and unveiled his talent as a songwriter, which still continues.

Bruce Springsteen Tickets

The craze of Bruce Springsteen continues and so does his song writing. Perhaps, that is why, whenever people hear a song in a rally or store; they rush to get the records. His concerts go house full. His fans are loyal. Therefore, getting Bruce Springsteen tickets is a challenge in itself.

However, thanks to ticketing services, it has become possible for every fan of Bruce to hear his voice live on stage and feel his magic touch their hearts. So, if you are one of them, the best way to get Bruce Springsteen tickets is to click the link!

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