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Longacre Theater

220 West 48th Street

Two hours and 15 minutes, including one 15 minute intermission

August 2nd, 2009

Broadway Dance

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Burn The Floor is a two-hour dance extravaganza that had its origin in Australia. It has been rocking the world for the past ten years. The debut performance was in Bournemouth, England in 1999 and since then it has been captivating the audiences of more than twenty countries with a tantalizing show of swiveling hips and steamy embraces. This ballroom blitz is choreographed and directed by Jason Gilkison, a former Australian dancing champ. This show is characterized by sexy costumes, rock-show lighting and a lot of smoke machine haze which is infused with salsa and tango in classic styles.

What Is It all About

A marvel of showmanship, Burn The Floor is basically a tribute to ballroom dancing with a sensational, healthy mixture of Latin dance. The audiences are treated to a magnificent journey through the drama of ballroom dance that has been sexily spruced up in the latest 21st century style. The journey treats the audiences with Foxtrot, Charleston and Lindy style of Harlem’s hot nights at the Savoy dances and carries them to the Rumba, Salsa and Cha-Cha dances of the Latin Quarter.

James Gilkison has beautifully choreographed Burn The Floor, which has a cast of eighteen award-winning international dancers who are from all parts of the world including Britain, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia and Slovenia. They hold more than a hundred dance titles collectively and have showcased exactly what the director wanted. Whatever precision and polish that is needed in this athletic form of dance has been performed immaculately with tight smiles, tight abs and tight footwork to reflect just the required amount of eroticism.

Fantastic Reviews

The production has had some fantastic rave reviews since the time it started captivating audiences. The reviews range from ‘ballroom dancing of the new millenium’ to ‘dramatic, sexy and strictly good fun’ to the summing up comment ‘From the high energy opening samba and rumba to the graceful beauty of the waltz, the dancers put their hearts and souls into rediscovering the passion that traditional ballroom dancing with its strange costumes and painted-on smiles, somehow lost’. One interesting review was that the show is ‘so hot that it probably contributes to global warming.’ A well-known critic said that it was a ‘High energy, heart pounding display of dance pyrotechnics’ and that ‘These dancers didn’t just burn the floor, they set fire to the house’.

Apart from the reviews of critics, most people have liked Burn The Floor immensely. One of them said that it should be seen ‘for the sheer pleasure of being entertained by watching people with incredible talent do things live on stage that defy imagination’. He also adds that ‘The grace and athleticism of this cast must be seen to be believed. If you like dance, see it. If you like passion, see it. If you like raw, sheer energy on display set to music, see it. And if you like sensuality, by all means see it. The two hours will fly by’.

How To Get Tickets

Whenever a show is such a huge success, it is obvious that its fame and reputation will precede its debut in any city and the scramble for tickets for the show will be mad. This is the ideal stage for dubious people to swindle innocent ticket-seekers and as such, it is essential to be aware of such fraudulent activities. You can View Our Huge Online Selection Of Burn The Floor Tickets by clicking the link.

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