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Henry Miller Theater

124 West 43rd Street


October 15, 2009 (Limited run - January 10, 2009)

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A great show never gets old and so is the case with Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway. It has been one of the most produced shows in the U.S. with a practically guaranteed appeal in high schools. With a theme hovering on the generation gap, a lot of teenage content and some lovely songs that most teenagers love to sing and perform to, it is indeed a marvelous show. Basically, it is an innocent sweet show that no parent or school authority can object to.

In spite of its obvious attractions, Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway has taken nearly 50 years to get resuscitated on Broadway, ignoring the 1981 attempt that was a damp squib. Strange though it might seem, this seemingly sure-shot musical is more difficult to produce now than one can imagine. Even a road show version in 1991 and a concert version in 2004 did not receive any good reviews and failed to generate much interest.

Obstacles In Making A Perfect Version

Basically, according to Charles Strouse, the writer of the original musical, the new versions have not put their full faith in the story and have made it highly ironic and ad-libbed. Moreover, it is difficult to cast Albert Petersen and his girl friend Rosie Alvarez as they seem to have come in from a long forgotten world. Bye Bye Birdie is rightly called the first rock-n-roll musical and it was thought to be a revolutionary idea at that time. There are only two rock numbers in the show and they are both parodies. The main inspiration for the show was Elvis Presley’s conscription that took place in 1958. The two songs, “Put On a Happy Face” and “A Lot of Livin’ to Do” were more traditional Broadway tunes and classic Broadway romance than rock. The show is more for teenagers but the music is more to the classical side.

An Interesting Change

The new production of Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway has done away with a frisky dance sequence that had been there since its first performance in 1960. In the original performance, Chita Rivera, and in the film version, Janet Leigh, crash into Shriners banquet and flirt underneath a table with the fez-heads. It is a funny dance performance that in the present day world should not be viewed as overtly indecent, especially if for the past 50 years it has been performed and viewed by students from countless high schools, theater camps, and parochial academics.

There is no doubt that the times and styles have changed since the first show in 1960 but some feel that the skills set of musicals has also come down with the increasing number of stage shows. In the new versions, the actors do not have the shine of yesteryears and ingenuity and frivolity have also disappeared. They seem to have lost the whiff of humor. These are criticisms that some people feel and express but the show still remains one of the best musicals that have appeared in recent memory.

Tickets For The Show

There are many young people who might not have seen the original version of the show and for them it will indeed be very interesting to watch this masterpiece. However, it might become difficult to get the tickets if proper arrangements are not made well ahead by going online, click the link to View All Available Seats!

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