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Henry Miller Theater

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October 15, 2009 (Limited run - January 10, 2009)

Broadway Musical

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Bye Bye Birdie was a blockbuster play that was first exhibited on April 14, 1960 at the Martin Beck Theatre. It was an instant hit with teenagers who were crazy about Rock ‘N’ Roll and its superstar, Elvis Presley. It proved to be a grand success because it was amazingly funny, full of bounce and zest, its dance numbers were exceedingly imaginative, it had some excellent songs and most importantly, it had the exuberance of youth with all its shine and freshness.

Awards And Brief History

Described as the “funniest, most captivating and most expert musical comedy one could hope to see in several seasons of show going” by Mr. John Chapman, Bye Bye Birdie was an exceedingly captivating musical show which was basically a satire performed with the utmost affection. It was awarded four Tony Awards in 1961 for best musical, best choreography, best direction of a musical and best featured actor in a musical. It played for 607 performances at the Martin Beck theatre on Broadway and for 208 performances in Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

Brief Synopsis

Bye Bye Birdie is basically the story of a rock and roll singer, Conrad Birdie, who is being conscripted into the army. He is shown as wearing flashy gold costumes and has thick sideburns. His agent Albert Peterson is a pleasant man who speaks in a hoarse voice. Albert’s secretary Rose Alvarez plans a last publicity stunt to help her boss, before Conrad’s induction into the army. Her strategy is to choose a teenage girl to kiss Conrad in front of the audience in order to bid farewell to him. The chosen girl is a pretty fifteen-year old singer by the name of Kim MacAfee and the planned kiss would take place on the show of Ed Sullivan in Sweet Apple. On the day of the act, Kim’s boy friend Hugo breaks in and creates a ruckus. Many complications take place with Kim and Hugo breaking up, Albert and Rose getting estranged and Conrad becoming disgusted with life. But in the end, everything gets straightened out with Kim being united with Hugo and Albert teaming up with Rose. Birdie, however, feels that the best thing to do would be to join the army.

A Musical Extravaganza

Bye Bye Birdie is an excellent musical satire that has some great musical numbers. It provides a peep into the normal everyday lives of people, albeit with great imagination and frivolity. This show has been enjoyed greatly by whoever has seen it. The first production in 1960 was staged and choreographed by Gower Champion and the lead actors included Dick Gautier as Conrad Birdie, Chita Rivera as Rose Grant, Dick Van Dyke as Albert Petersen.

Musical Numbers

Bye Bye Birdie is full of amazing musical numbers that leave the audiences completely spellbound. These include "What Did I Ever See in Him?", "How Lovely to Be a Woman", "One Boy", "Honestly Sincere", "A Lot of Livin' To Do", "Kids", and "Baby, Talk to Me”.

Critics have given this show some great reviews and ever since the first production, it has been produced again and again in various cities of the world. It has been liked tremendously and has received thumping applause by the audience. Due to its huge success, it does become difficult to get tickets for the show. It is, therefore, advisable to browse through the Internet and book Bye Bye Birdie tickets well in advance through reliable and reputed online agents.

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