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Radio City Music Hall

1260 6th Avenue


June 9, 2011 (Closes: October 8, 2011)


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Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana tickets have begun selling at the box office with a bang. The highly expensive production delivers an array of stylish circus acts following the trademarked "Cirque" them ed show. The talented group of acrobats, clowns and contortionists take full use of the football field sized stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Be prepared for all the "oohs and ahhhs" , breathtaking moments, inspiring musical score and probably some peeking out of one eye. It is the beauty and suspense of the "Cirque" shows which continue to draw huge audiences from around the world.

Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana tickets will take the viewer on a wonderful journey. As the renowned stage of Radio City transforms itself under a circus tent of surprises. The story for Zarkana tells of Zark, a magician who lost his true love as well as his magical powers. Zark begs and pleads for his love to return to no avail. He soon finds himself enveloped into a mystical world of intrigue and surprise. The cast of seventy-one transforms themselves into surreal characters bringing the fantastical world to life on stage. The viewer is blurred between reality and the imaginary world which is created on the stage. Zarakana delivers many surprises and much excitement every step of the way.

Zarkana is a touring production which found a home in New York as well as Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The two current homes are scheduled to be seasonal. When not playing at either venue show will tour major cities. The production began early previews on June 9, 2011, at Radio City Music Hall before Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana tickets sold for the premier on June 29, 2011. The inspiration for the theme is to reinvent the variety show. Zarkana is a melting of the words "bizarre" and "arcana". The name refers to the peculiar ambience and atmosphere of this place and its dwellers.

Rehearsals for "Zarkana were a challenge for Cirque du Soleil. The company needed to locate a facility large enough to cover the stage of Radio City Music Hall. The crew eventually settled on Amway Arena, located in Orlando, Florida and moved in on February 28, 2010. The cast includes the main character Zark played by Canadian singer Garou, his love Lia played by Canadian singer Cassiopée, Mandragora the Flower Woman, Kundalini the Snake Woman, Tarantula the Spider Woman, and the bizarre Pickle Lady.


Balancing on a ladder
Aerial rope
Flag throwing
Russian bar
High wire
Aerial hoops and Cyr wheels
Sand painting
Flying triple trapeze
Wheel of death
Hand balancing

Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana tickets are an exiting treat for Broadway audiences this summer. Cirque has found great success in New York and looks to capitalize on previous endeavors with the hit Zarkana. For those who are fans of Cirque or just looking for some breathtaking excitement this show will certainly deliver.

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Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana Tickets are selling at the box office for between $47.00 and $300.00. Sold out show times and premium tickets are running between $49.00 and $259.00. You can view our great selection of Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana Tickets by clicking the link.

Show Times

Wed - Fri - Sat Sat 2pm

Sun 7pm
Tue through Sat 8pm


Take B, D, F, M to 47–50th Sts–Rockefeller Ctr; 1 to 50th St


Music by: Nick Littlemore
Book by: Francois Girard

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