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Vivian Beaumont Theater

150 West 65th Street

Voyage - 3 hours with one 15 minute intermission
Shipwreck - 3 hours with one 15 minute intermission
Salvage - 2 hours 30 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

October 17, 2006

Broadway Play

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The Lincoln Center Theater hosts, The Coast of Utopia, an ambitious three part epic production with over forty actors playing seventy roles. The three plays, Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage were written by British playwright Tom Stoppard and spans thirty years of Russian life. It deals with the development of ideas and philosophy and is based on historical and literary figures. All three of the stories are self contained and the individual productions can be viewed out of order.

The trilogy begins in the 19th century during the repressive reign of Tsar Nicolas I and tells the story of a group of Russian intellectuals headed by the radical editor Alexander Herzen, the novelist Ivan Turgenov, the literary critic Vissarian Belinsky and the anarchist Michael Bakunin. They lead a band of like-minded men in a movement to change a political system by using their intellect as their only weapons. Part one of the series, Voyage, is set in the Russian countryside and centers around four sisters and their interfering brother, Michael, who is seeking a greater purpose in his life. Part two, Shipwreck, begins thirteen years later and follows the characters exile to Paris, Dresden and Nice. The final part, Salvage, takes place over a twelve year period in London and Geneva and serves as a time of reflection for the group of intellects.

The production is currently creating a Broadway buzz due to its versatile cast and its recent extension. The show was originally set to close in March, but has been extended until May 13, 2007. Many of the cast members play dual and in some cases triple roles throughout the trilogy. The cast includes such well known star power as Ethan Hawke, Amy Irving and Martha Plimpton in lead roles. The production is directed by Jack O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien is an accomplished producer, writer and lyricist as well as a Tony Award-winning director. In 2003 he won the Tony for Best Direction of a Musical for Hairspray.

The Lincoln Centers features the productions within the trilogy individually. For diehard theatergoers all three plays can be viewed in there entirety in a one day marathon if one so chooses. Keep in mind that all three plays contain over nine hours of material. There will be nine of these special performances with the first beginning on Saturday, February, 24, 2007. Seating is limited, so if this is something you would like to see in full purchase tickets as soon as possible. The Coast of Utopia is a rare and unique opportunity for theater enthusiasts. This epic journey follows these men and women through a long and crucial portion of their lives and while each story can stand alone part three offers a resolution and gives a certain sense of maturity to the characters.

The Coast Of Utopia Broadway tickets sell on average for 70.00 dollars with premium seating costing right around 100.00. The Vivian Beaumont Theater holds 4,188 seats and sells out on average 4,051 seats.

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Show Times



Take the 1 to 66th Street. Head south to entrance.


Billy Crudup
Richard Easton
Jennifer Ehle
Josh Hamilton
David Harbour
Jason Butler Harner
Ethan Hawke
Amy Irving
Brían F. O'Byrne
Martha Plimpton


Playwright - Tom Stoppard
Director - Jack O’Brien
Sets - Bob Crowley and Scott Pask
Costumes - Catherine Zuber
Lighting for Voyage - Brian MacDevitt
Lighting for Shipwreck - Kenneth Posner
Lighting for Salvage - Natasha Katz
Original Sound & Music - Mark Bennett

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