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Though New York and Broadway are synonymous, there is much more to New York than Broadway. For entertainment, New York offers you other events, equally exciting and enjoyable as the shows on Broadway. These are the great music events – live shows – held in various venues all over New York. Performed before live audiences, these musical performances could include music performed by a solo artist – a recital; or music performed by an orchestra, or a musical band, or even by a choir – a musical ensemble.

Shows in New York are held in nightclubs, in music halls dedicated to music only, in houses and barns, and if a large enough venue is required, even in a sports stadium! Such concerts in large venues are known as Arena events.

You have come to New York for entertainment, and entertainment is what you will get – in one form or the other. Every single day, New York has endless number of concerts, performed by a large number of performers of different genres, in its various venues. A live concert is the best way of seeing your favorite musicians on stage – much better than listening to them on tapes and CDs - as in the olden days.

Scheduled Shows

Live performances are always on schedule in New York. The calendar is always full – so to say. Below is the list of Top shows scheduled in New York in the next couple of months. The list is in no way exhaustive, and our website will have all the information you may need for a concert of your choice. The top list includes:

All these artists are great artists in their own right and do not need any introduction.

The productions put up today are quite different from what it was a few decades back. Today’s affairs are quite elaborate and very large. Audiences in their thousands are expected to turn up, and they do. Musical events today have additional forms of entertainment included in the whole spectacle. Today’s live events are extravagant affairs with special effect visuals and stage lighting, large video screens to catch the action close up, smoke, dry ice, artwork, pyrotechnics, and much more, quite unlike the shows in the olden days, which were quiet sober affairs.

Arena venues by popular music artists include dancing, sing-alongs, moshing, and crowd surfing, though the latter two are more in tune with metal, punk, rock and indie music venues. Such participations by audiences are unheard of in musical shows of the folk and classical genre.

Buying Tickets

Your best option for purchasing your concert tickets in New York is through legitimate ticket brokers, such as us, at

Contact our professional staff and we will have your tickets in New York for the concerts of your choice delivered to you at your door.

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