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Imperial Theater

249 West 45th Street

2 hours 35 minutes : One 15 minute intermission

May 2, 2007

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Are you interested in viewing this show? Before you actually plan an evening out to enjoy the show, you must look for reviews. The reviews are easily available on the net or in the papers. Given below is a short review.

The play is adapted from a book that is performed by the National Theatre of Britain. Another great play from National Theatre was History Boys. But this show had the original cast and thus it was a bit limited in nature. On the other hand the play was recreated in its entirety. The entire star cast is American and thus it is not a limited run. The show is set in the background of the 18th century. The story revolves around the theme of love, honor, and evil. It tells you about a fourteen-year-old boy named Alexander Ashbrook who loves music and Meshak Gardiner, a simple boy traveling with his dad. The story begins with Alexander the music lover who studies music and sings at the cathedral. Life is smooth till his voice breaks and his father orders him to come back and take over from his father as he is the sole heir. Alexander does not like the idea and rebels.

Meshak on the other hand travels with his father, Otis, who is a hawker with high hopes and dreams. Otis takes up the title of Coram Man. The Coram Man takes discarded children to the Coram Hospital. There the children are given good food, educated well, and then placed into good positions. Mothers would plead with him to take away their babies that they were not able to care for. They would also offer him money to take the baby to the Coram hospital safely. Otis promises to deliver but his real aim is to take their money. There is no such thing as a "Coram Man" in reality. The story talks about two Coram Boys – Toby and Aaron.

Initially you may not be able to grasp the story. But do not get hyper. Just sit back and relax. You will surely enjoy it. Coram Boy is a musical play. The compositions are done by Handel. The music score is mesmerizing and not worth a miss. The performance of the entire cast is simply outstanding. All the actors and characters are intertwined. The movements are synchronized. Xanthe Elbrick plays the character of two different young men, Alexander Ashbrook at the age of fourteen, and Aaron an eight-year-old boy. She did complete justice to the role. She portrayed two completely different characters. In fact you do not realize that a single actress played both the parts until you check out the star cast. Uzo Aduba as eight-year-old Toby was simply outstanding.

Now that you have got Coram Boy reviews, you must go and see it. It one of the finest plays that cannot be missed at any cost. You must book your tickets beforehand to prevent yourself from being disappointed later.

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