3 Current Broadway Shows To Go See In New York City

With Broadway's hopping new season upon us, there is certainly some current Broadway shows that must be seen. A nice mix of exciting new openings as well as some shows that have been playing awhile. No matter if you want to see an original play, huge production or revival musical there is something for everyone. Here is a look at some shows that get a lot of notice these days.

1) Billy Elliot - This favored musical has gotten mass attention as of late. It has become one of the most popular current Broadway shows. Billy Elliot has won the hearts of London's audiences as well as all the awards. The musical came to Broadway and did the same. It took home 10 Tony Awards and won Best Musical. It wins over audience's night after night with its great story. Triumph over adversity while following ones passions are ingredients that Broadway audiences long for. Based in the landscapes of Britain's coal territory of 1984 where a father is trying to accept his passing boxing profession and his sons desire to be a dancer instead of follow his more accepted masculine course. With 16 songs which center around Billy's impressive dance sequences it is becoming the show that is not to be missed.

2) West Side Story - The original production opened on September 26, 1957 and since has become a landmark. There was great anticipation for the revival production once word slipped out, and it has been one of the most popular current Broadway shows. The choreography of Jerome Robbins is still articulated. His ground breaking work of blending reality alongside an entrancing fantasy while capturing both gracefulness and grit. The musical gets much attention for being the breakout from Broadway's "Golden Age" into the Sondheim era. The revival provides great elements but makes them a little grittier for today's times.

3) Hair - Another great revival from a relevant and beloved Musical. Hair is another musical that made a huge change on Broadway and has returned many years later. The original opened on April 29, 1968 and created a stir with such infectious songs as “Hair,” “Aquarius,” “Let The Sun Shine In”. What makes this show so relevant to Broadway is that first it broke all the rules and second it was the first rock musical, which is still being examined in theater today. The story follows the 1960's counterculture movement telling of the story of youth, rebellion, love, and war. The revival has the audiences dancing and singing in their seats as well as being invited and pulled on the stage. The revival of Hair may not seem like a show for everybody but after a few minutes in the theater it will be hard for anybody not to fall in love with it.

The list of current Broadway shows that should be witnessed may seem small, and it is. I could have gone over "Wicked" or "Jersey Boys" but every list seems to cover them. Of course those two shows should be and really must be seen. It is hard to ignore these great musical revivals which had such an impact on the progression of Broadway alongside the most recent sensation "Billy Elliot" which is a must see. If looking forward to seeing a Broadway show which presents all that Broadway entertainment embodies then any one of these musicals will fulfill the requirement.

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