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Vivian Beaumont Theater

150 West 65th Street


October 25, 2007

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Wed & Sat 2pm
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Getting tickets for this play is one of the best ways to celebrate and enjoy the genius of Shakespeare. Of all his plays, only a few have generated such controversy and strong-divided opinion as this piece. This has also been a play that can either be a hit or a failure, depending upon how well it is performed.

Did He Really Write It?

Part of the allure of Cymbeline tickets is the fact that there is a lot of speculation so as to whether Shakespeare wrote the play or not. Some critics say, that parts of the play are downright un-Shakespearean while others say the play seems to be a mixture of elements from a number of other plays. Characters such as Imogen and Iachimo for example, seem to be echoes of other Shakespearean characters.

Another area that has divided many Shakespeare enthusiasts is the complexity of the play. Not only does it have elements of tragedy, romance and comedy, but the plot is also rife with complex storylines. Unlike other Shakespearean plays, where the resolution unfolds expertly and neatly, in Cymbeline, a deluge of confessions and revelations appear in the pivotal scene of the piece. The wicked divulge their secrets, the dead are seen to be living and the disguises are thrown off. Of all of Shakespeare's plays, many believe that this is one of the most difficult ones to be performed successfully.

A Story Of Secrets

Those with Cymbeline tickets are treated to the story of an independent-minded woman called Imogen, daughter of King Cymbeline. Against her father's wishes, she marries a poor but honest man called Posthumus. When Cymbeline learns this, he banishes Posthumus from the kingdom. The wicked Queen, Imogen's stepmother, decides to take advantage of this situation and forces for the marriage of her son Cloten with Imogen.

Posthumus falls into the bad company of Iachimo and the latter places a bet that he can lure Imogen to commit adultery. Although Iachimo is unsuccessful, Posthumus finds his faith in his wife weakening. Meanwhile, Imogen fakes her death and slips out of the kingdom in disguise, to find Posthumus. During this time, she befriends two men who turn out to be her long lost brothers. At the end of the play, the queen dies after confessing to her attempt to poison Imogen. She also admits that she never loved Cymbeline and was only concerned with securing the throne for her dimwitted son Cloten. The long-lost brothers reconcile with their father and Imogen and Posthumus reunite.

If you have the Cymbeline tickets, you will notice that in the hands of an adept director, the story of Cymbeline can be told lucidly and the characters make a real impression on the audience. This is not an easy task, since the characterization in the play is not very deep. Some directors have even chosen to delete certain storylines and place more emphasis on specific characters. The play has always given interesting results at the hands of both traditional and experimental directors.

Cymbeline Tickets Information

If you are looking forward to an evening of love, laughter and just the right amount of tragedy, then you should get your Cymbeline tickets now. You can beat the crowd by ordering them online via an authorized online ticket vendor. To view a great online resource for Cymbeline tickets click the link!

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