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Bernard B Jacobs Theater

242 W. 45th Street

Ninety minutes (no intermission)

March 22, 2009 (Closing: July 19, 2009)

Broadway Play (Comedy)

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God Of Carnage Broadway Information

The God of Carnage review received a great deal of positive response from both the critics as well as the audience. According to one critic, it was the funniest 90 minutes of his life. This is definitely a must-see play for you if you still haven’t seen it. You can enjoy this hilarious comedy with your friends and family.

You can buy the play’s tickets through 3 different options. You can buy tickets online through its official website or over phone or in person from the theatre. The God of Carnage review was a big success among the UK audience. West End has witnessed several successful shows of Carnage. And now this play is all set to rock the American audience with its laughter riot. Carnage can be described as one of the funniest plays produced by Broadway Production. Besides its comedy factor, this play is also a peep into the heart of the human chaos.

This play is written by the famous French playwright Yasmin Reza and directed by Matthew Warchus. The two sets of couples are played by the renowned actors like Jeff Daniels as Alan and Ganolfini as Michael Novak and actresses like Hope Davis as Annette and Marcia Gay as Veronica. This play belongs to the genre of comedy of manners but lacks the necessary mannerism. The lack of mannerism is what makes this comedy unique and gives an edge over other comedies that belong to the same genre.

The story of God of Carnage evolves around two sets of parents who meet up with each other to discuss the unruly behavior of their children. The meeting of the parents apparently seems like a calm and rational discussion but soon the scenario changes. The apparent rational discussion gradually turns into a verbal battle and ultimately proves to be a hysterical night of calling names, tantrums of the grown ups and even tears before bedtime. The play is a 90 minutes non-stop boisterous entertainment.

All the four actors had done a fabulous job and through their lively portrayal of their respective characters, they bring some real insanity among the viewers while watching this hilarious production. The running time of the show is approximately 90 minutes without any intermission but the play is so entertaining that time seems to fly fast while watching it.

Reza always brings out the social hypocrisy in her writings through the portrayal of her character and Carnage is no exception in this. Christopher Hampton’s witty translation and Matthew Warchus’s skillful direction turns the play into a successful comedy. This show may not be appropriate for the age group of 16 and under because of its strong language. But the language and the words are never crude in nature. On the contrary, the words and language that are used during the interaction are apt and keeping up with the characterization.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, then buy its tickets now and don’t miss the opportunity to watch this laughter riot. God of Carnage Review has got all the positive responses from all the critics. God of Carnage has got six Tony awards nominations for the year 2009, which includes categories like Best Play, Best Actor and Actress in a Play, and Best Direction of a play. It’s a must-see for all theatre lovers.

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