The Godspell Musical – The Life Of Jesus In A New Light

One of the biggest Broadway and Off-Broadway successes in entertainment history, the Godspell musical is based on an adaptation of the Gospel according to St. Mathew. In this rendition of the Gospel, Jesus Christ teaches and preaches through storytelling and parables. What makes this musical stand apart is that this traditional plot uses untraditional aspects like pantomime, clowning, acrobatics, vaudeville and charade to relate the story of Christ. A lively spectacle, Godspell is an expression of the life of Jesus through the display of ten performers dressed as clowns.

The Story Of Godspell

The Godspell musical opens with a flamboyant representation of the ‘Tower of Babble’. Here, you can catch each of the cast characters voicing texts from the history of philosophy with a solemn and serious tone. The heavy atmosphere of the Prologue quickly vanishes into a kaleidoscope of song, color and lively movements as the cheery cast members spill onto the venue, dressed like clowns.

In the next one hour, the Godspell musical shows Jesus and his followers enchanting the audience with a highly-charged assortment of sight-gags, parodies, charades, music hall pieces, pantomimes and visual puns. All this entertainment revolves around a series of major incidents and parables from the Synoptic Gospel.

The first acts draws to an end with an invitation to enjoy wine and discourse with the band in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Act II slowly alters the mood from light-hearted to a solemn one as the focus shifts to the details of the Passion. The incidents during the last days of Jesus are portrayed with an engaging moderation and simplicity.

The Musical Score

With a dazzling and entertaining score by Stephen Schwartz, the Godspell musical features a string of popular songs. ‘Day By Day’ is definitely the international hit of the lot. As the cast of clowns leads you through ‘Save the People’, ‘Bless the Lord’, ‘Learn your Lessons Well’ and ‘All Good Gifts’, the audience are delighted to watch the parables of Christ coming to life in such a humanely and touchingly manner.

The fantastic musical score of Godspell the musical ranges across the entire spectrum of human emotions and embodies an astonishing repertoire of styles. Thus, while Act II opens with the cheery lustiness of ‘Turn Back, O Man’, it then moves on to a scornful renunciation of the Pharisees and Scribes in ‘Alas for You’. The act finally mellows down to a soft ballad ‘By My Side’. The same Jesus Christ, who succeeds in drawing laughter with a soft shoe rendering of ‘All for the Best’, will move you to tears with his last, halting words spoken from the cross.

Getting Tickets Online

Due to the immense popularity of the play, getting Godspell musical tickets is almost next to impossible. In fact, you are sure to find yourself stuck for hours in snaking queues if you plan to purchase tickets from the box office. As a result, more and more people are now turning to authorized ticket brokers on the net who offer discounted tickets to most of the Broadway shows.

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