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Samuel J. Friedman (formerly Biltmore Theatre)

261 West 47th Street

2 Hours; One 15 Minute Intermission

March 3, 2011 (Closing May 9, 2011)

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Good People Broadway tickets are in high demand for the new Broadway play in 2011. The stage show is playing now at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. Set for a strict limited engagement and set to close on May 3. Good People is a wonderful show which provides great entertainment. It is truly one of the best plays to hit the bid stage in recent times. The cast, direction and writing are all splendid and certainly be a hit with those who adore a great Broadway play. Just make sure to catch it before it is taken away all too soon.

March 3, 2011 marked the Manhattan Theatre Club's premier of American playwright David Lindsay-Abaire's work. The production is under the direction of Daniel Sullivan, who does a fantastic job. Set in a struggling area of South Boston the story explores the social and economic divide of its community. Good People provides a very fitting topic for the times indeed. Lindsay-Abaire visits his old stomping grounds and delivers a tough yet tender play filled with humor and though-provoking wisdom. A glance into social economics between characters stuck within "Southie", those trying to escape and those who have escaped and want to forget their past.

The tough gritty characters are much of the appeal of the play. A reason alone to get Good People Broadway tickets! Margaret, played flawlessly by Oscar winning actress Frances McDormand, is a woman struggling to make it in the town. She has just lost her job, is about to get evicted and is looking for any way to survive. Once she reunites with an old flame, she begins to see an escape. Her ex boyfriend became a self made man, escaping "Southie" and its poverty for good. Mike, however, seems less intrigued to revisit his past. Relationships, class and divisions are all tested under Lindsay-Abaire's gritty and realistic writing.

Other highlights to include wryly sharp Estelle Parsons and Becky Ann Baker as Margie's money-grubbing landlady and best friend. The relationship between McDormand and Parson's characters provides some of the best moments and biggest laughs of the play. Good People Broadway tickets provide some great laughs along the way, especially in these moments. The characters never become "caricatures". They remain true to the gripping "tragicomedy" and add the realism the show requires to be successful.

Good People Broadway tickets are sure to find success. This is one of the finest plays to come along in some times. The play has a quality rarely found on Broadway, which is winning over all who catch a performance. While Lindsay-Abaire's last Broadway production "Rabbit Hole (2007)" explored a wealthy and attractive couple whose world crash when they lose their four year old child, "Good People" takes on the opposite view. Both plays are set in Lindsay-Abaire's realism phase but in his latest work the main character has nowhere to go but up. A memorizing look into the social classes of America created through the division of wealth and opportunity. The play comes at a perfect time and will leave the viewer with many complex thoughts as well as some great laughs. You can view our huge selection of Good People Broadway tickets by clicking the link.

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