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Brooks Atkinson Theater

256 W 47 Street


August 16, 2007

Broadway Musical

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When two teens of 1950’s bump into each other – one a young girl with high morals and the other a flirtatious guy with a chilled-out attitude – there begins a series of chases, songs, and dances. Well, don’t mistake it to be just any other love story. This is “Grease” - a show with lots of rock ‘n’ roll, hip music, romantic numbers, and a twist in the tale of love between two rebellious teens!

The Grease Story

Danny and Sandy are the lead characters who have managed to create a sensation throughout America and outside. Slicked hair, denim attire, a puff of cigarette, and several damsels following around – this is the “Grease” character Danny. He knows the right button to press to get a glam doll right in his arms! For him, life is a series of love affairs, chilling out with friends, and looking out for adventure each day.

However, all his pomp and show goes weak when Sandy enters high school. She is one girl who knows her way and likes no messing around. However, Danny is no loser and sings a number of songs to woo her, the girl of his dreams. The classics such as ‘Beauty School Dropout’, ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Greased Lightnin’, and ‘Could Do’ simply touch your heart.

The terrific music by Jacobs and Casey is combined with fine choreography by Patricia Birch. When big talents meet, a grand phenomenon takes place! And this time, it’s the “Grease”!

The Grease Movie

Looking at the stupendous success of “Grease” as a Broadway musical show, the filmmakers found it to be hot movie material. And with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the leading cast, the movie had to become hotter!

The Grease Journey

It all started in 1972. “Grease” stepped into the Broadway scene as a musical with a bunch of amateur actors and a humble garage background for the scenes. Little did Jacobs and Casey, the makers of “Grease”, knew that this musical was going to turn their wheels of fortune. “Grease” was an instant hit and continued to rake in money for 6 whole years! Even today, it’s difficult to get tickets for this extraordinary Broadway show, as this musical manages to draw a huge audience.

Grease Tickets On Broadway

Originally, the show was of five hours. However, when it was shown in New York, it was cut down to two hours. The Eden Theater, where the show was run, had become the hot spot for the whole city. Grease Tickets On Broadway disappeared in seconds! Seats were full within the blink of an eye! And those who were unlucky to get tickets to this historical show were left envying and hoping for the best next time round. To view a huge selection of Grease Tickets On Broadway click the link!

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