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Al Hirschfeld Theater

302 West 45th Street

2 hours 25 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

March 31, 2009 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Tue 7pm
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Hair the musical ran on Broadway from 1968 to 1973. Since its opening night, it created a stir for being the polar opposite of most glossy Broadway productions of the time. Hair tickets sold out in record time. The musical's head-on handling of issues such as sex, drugs, and the draft made it a cult show far ahead of its time. Hair was not afraid to shine the spotlight on life as it is - there are people who are "unpatriotic" enough to question their country's foreign policies, there are people who don't stick to established moral codes of conduct. No matter how much controversy it generated among certain sections, one thing was certain - people loved Hair. Young people found something of themselves in this "tribe" of lovable hippies who questioned established wisdom in their own faltering way.

Let The Sunshine In

Hair drew inspiration from real life. Its original cast was drawn from a relatively unknown pool of actors. There were no larger than life stars, no airs of being sophisticated. Everything was in your face. The shock value was not merely for thrills. And the audience loved it. After years of being talked down from lofty stages, they finally found a cast of characters who would live their lives, address their concerns, be a touch closer to reality while still retaining optimism and hope for a better future. This optimism is what made Hair, the darling of the masses, as the total sell-out of Hair tickets indicated. There was war, there was violence, and people sometimes ended up taking the wrong path; but as the hit songs "Aquarius" and "Let the Sunshine In" proved, life still held redemption.

Hair moved out of Broadway in the mid 1970s. Therefore, the reopening of the show in Broadway in 2009 is a landmark event of sorts, because it has happened after almost four decades. Hair tickets are selling out like hot cakes so you need to book ahead if you don’t want to miss the show. There was a time when purchasing tickets meant jostling in queues and taking time off from work to get a front row seat; only to end up disappointed because tickets were sold-out by the time your turn came. Now you can go online and look up Hair tickets, compare prices, and opt for a bargain deal. Tickets are delivered to you before the show. A simple no fuss, no pain deal.

There are many reasons why you should trust only a licensed broker or ticket selling website. First, they are accountable. If your show is canceled or tickets don’t arrive on time, there is someone to approach for help and refunds (and if that fails, the Better Business Bureau and NATB are there to help). Second, you don’t want unscrupulous scammers getting hold of your credit card and personal information. Third, you get a range of choices and don’t have to settle for an undesirable seat. And fourth, you are not bombarded with aggressive sales pitch to the point that you buy something you might regret later. Hair Tickets For Broadway are easy to buy, so go watch this popular Broadway show.

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