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American Airlines Theater

227 West 42nd Street

Two hours and 30 minutes, with one 15-minute intermission

March 28, 2009

Broadway Play (Drama)

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Hedda Gabler has been a runaway success on Broadway ever since it was first performed in 1902. Playwright Henrik Ibsen said about his character Hedda that he wanted her to be more a father’s daughter than her husband’s wife hence the maiden name Gabler sticks to her. On her inward journey in search of individual and spiritual freedom, Hedda explores her options for escape. Hedda Gabler tickets are sure going to be worth the price.

The Many Shades Of The Protagonist

A tormented woman in the late nineteenth century, the enactment of this caged woman has been done in varying shades - as a victim of circumstance, an idealistic heroine, and a prototypical feminist but off late she has begun to being regarded as a manipulative villain. The kind of torture that Hedda inflicts on others has often been called sadistic by audience but the portrayal of the protagonist by various actors has also made a huge impact on the reception of the play as such. There have been performances where Hedda has also been called a female Hamlet, perhaps a great achievement to be put at par with a character of Shakespeare’s creation. Attempts to modernize Hedda have also happened on Broadway before but sadly the original genius of Ibsen has not been matched till date. The realism of the original is much more acceptable than the sensationalism of the modern.

Roundabout Theatre’s production of Hedda Gabler starring Mary Louise Parker is being touted as not only a unique production but a version with an entirely different perspective. The theme of a conventional marriage explored in the late nineteenth century, enacted on the 21st century stage seen through a fresh lens is sure to cause a lot of excitement. Is it a woman’s struggle for identity that we witness or is it an un-gendered dilemma of an individual caught in a limiting society. Realism at its best, this was Ibsen’s last realist play before he dabbled with other forms of theatre. Have you got your Hedda Gabler tickets yet?

Minnie Maddern Fiske was the actress who played Hedda for the first time on Broadway in 1902. The interpretation of the character by the actors has also had a huge impact on this production over the years and it is with a great deal of anticipation that this production is awaited now. Of course, you might be spoilt for choice when looking to buy your tickets but be very cautious when you choose a ticket seller. An authorized ticket broker is the safest option to get your Hedda Gabler tickets from. Not just for this performance in particular but for any tickets that you purchase a secure broker means that your money is also safe. Apart from this there are a lot of other advantages like getting seats of your choice and if you patronize a broker you might get great bargains for yourself too.

Book your Hedda Gabler tickets right here and be rest assured that you have got yourself the best deal for your money. Choice of seats as well as the choicest of concerts and performances are coming your way.

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