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Cort Theater

138 West 48th Street


December 9th, 2007

Broadway Play

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Celebrations and a euphoric entry through the New Year could only get better with the Homecoming tickets NY, another masterpiece and a nostalgic creation by Harold Pinter. Born on 10th October 1930, and Nobel Laureate in 2005, Harold Pinter is an English playwright, screen writer, actor, director and a political activist. Pinter has written 29 stage plays, 26 screen plays, many dramatic sketches, essays, and also poetry.


The Homecoming is a two act play written by Pinter in the year 1964 and first published in the year 1965 and the first American production opened at the Music box on January 5th, 1967 when the homecoming tickets NY were sold. It is a compelling tale of lust and deception and narrates the story of a dysfunctional family and their reaction to the homecoming of one of the sons Teddy with his wife who is the focus in the play, into a male dominated atmosphere.

There are six characters in the play namely:
Max, a man of seventy- Ian McShane
Lenny, a man in his early thirties-Esparza
Sam, a man of sixty three-Michael McKean
Joey, a young man in his middle twenties-Gareth Saxe
Teddy, a man in his middle thirties-James Frain
Ruth, a woman in her early thirties-Eve Best

Max, a widower is a patriarch of the family. Sam is the chauffeur brother. Max’s three sons are Lenny who is a wheeler dealer, Joey, a would-be boxer and the eldest son, sophisticated American professor and PhD Teddy. Ruth is Teddy’s wife.

The play opens curtains with an ongoing power struggle between the father Max and his son Lenny. In the middle of the night, Teddy arrives home with his dissatisfied wife Ruth, to an all-male North London household after nine years of marriage and emigration to America to meet his folks. Ruth takes on the role of a sexual partner for the brothers over the following days, following a power game due to Teddy’s re-entry into the family. She decides to abandon her children and her husband and decides to stay back in North London where she will earn her keep as one of Lenny’s whores. Teddy leaves for America without her and the title ‘Homecoming’ thereby applies to Ruth and not to Teddy for symbolically Ruth comes home to herself and to a woman-less family sacrificing her own family.

The Homecoming which opened on Sunday, the 16th December 2007 at the Cort Theater reconfirmed its status as a classic by Pinter and directed by Daniel Sullivan. The play keeps its audience in a humorous uncertainty and reveals a shocking climax. The fortieth anniversary Broadway revival of the Homecoming is for a 20 week limited engagement through 13th April 2008.

Homecoming Tickets NY

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