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December 9th, 2007

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There has never been a more important time to get Homecoming tickets. This play has been hailed as one of Pinter's masterpieces; in fact some critics claim it is almost perfect. Apart from that, its most recent revival marks the return of this play, forty years after it first caused uproar.

Shock And Awe

A lot has happened since Harold Pinter's first production of The Homecoming hit theaters about forty years ago. For one thing, Pinter is now a Nobel Laureate, winning the prize for literature in 2005. But perhaps more importantly, the reception for the piece has also changed drastically. The first audiences that had Homecoming tickets were scandalized and shocked by what they saw on stage. It seemed unbelievable and immoral that such violence and power plays could exist within the family set-up.

Today, the dust has settled and many audiences now understand why it was so disturbing. The piece is an uncomfortably realistic portrayal of the kind of power plays that occur within a family set up. It's an unapologetic, no-holds-barred portrayal that illuminates the roles each person plays in a family. Ever since its first performance, The Homecoming has been discussed and debated by critics and theatergoers alike and one thing remains clear- it still packs as much of a punch today as it did then.

A Near Masterpiece

Homecoming tickets are passes to see a real rarity on the stage- it's a piece that many critics feel is practically perfect. The play only has two acts and within its framework, Pinter neatly establishes his characters and gets the ball rolling. What is the most remarkable about the execution of this play are the pauses and the spaces. The play is marked by a lot of ambiguity, which adds depth and substance to the proceedings. A great deal is conveyed in a pause, a simple gesture- it is a tremendous challenge to any actor.

When this play first came out, many traditional critics at the time bemoaned the fact that it was plot less and nothing really happened. In truth, The Homecoming operates on a number of different levels, dealing with themes that range from the everyday to the mythical. It is not a simple story of a family and its violence- it's an exploration of human bondage in the truest sense of the word.

Homecoming Tickets Information

Most people looking for Homecoming tickets already know that it's certainly achieved its share of awards- it has picked up four major Tony awards in categories like Best Performance by a Lead Actor and the Best Play. The most recent revival of the play marks its fortieth anniversary and stars Ian McShane in the character of Max, the father. Eve Best plays the role of Ruth, the lone woman in the play. For those of you that haven't experienced Pinter’s power before, this is a great opportunity to see the genius of this playwright at its heights. The ticket counters are bound to be crowded, given the popularity of this show and its cast. You can beat the rush by ordering your tickets right from home, through an online authorized ticket vendor. To view a great online selection of Homecoming tickets click the link!

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