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Lyceum Theater

149 W. 45th Street

Two hours and 10 minutes, including one 15-minute

November 29, 2007

Broadway Play (Comedy)

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Tue and Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Tue through Sat 8pm

Tickets to see Is He Dead Broadway will book you for a special double treat. Not only will you be watching a wonderful play by one of America's greatest writers Mark Twain, you'll be watching a play that was only discovered in 2003!

A Story Within A Story

While the actual Is He Dead Broadway play is a riveting show in itself, the story behind it is even more interesting. Though the play was written in 1898, it wasn't until 2003 that it was discovered. It all happened when a Mark Twain scholar was perusing the Mark Twain Papers for research material. These papers hold extensive material written by Twain including letters, photographs and manuscripts.

It must be remembered that even though Twain was a gifted writer, his contributions to the stage were often less than brilliant. Plays like Colonel Sellers and Ah, Sin were not examples of Twain's best writing. This is why when the research scholar initially came across the play, she didn't think much of it. It was only when she read it that she discovered what a wonderful piece of comedy it was.

Bringing Twain To Life

The emergence of the manuscript for Is He Dead Broadway raised a number of unique questions. The play had never been produced and naturally, many scholars wanted to know why. It appears that despite Twain's popularity, the play was rejected for being 'lumpy' and only funny at times. It also seems to have dealt with risqué themes such as cross-dressing, which many theater companies might not have been comfortable with at the time. It's interesting to note that back then the play Colonel Sellers was a huge hit but it has failed to hold its magic into our times. Conversely, the comedy of this particular play immediately appeals to us.

The story is refreshingly delightful, like much of Twain's work. It deals with an impoverished artist who lives in France. He hits upon the plan to fake his own death in order to hike the price of his own paintings. He enlists the help of a few friends but the plan proves to be far more complicated than it seems. Not only are there mistaken identities and cross-dressing but in true Twain style, the play also explores much deeper issues. Primarily, it is a satire on prevalent social systems and exposes the greed and hunger for fame that surrounds the world of art. The issues showcased in this piece are incredibly relevant today.

The original manuscript did undergo some renovation before production and a team of writers that included David Ives and Michael Blakemore undertook this. The result is a rollicking comedy that is surprisingly fresh, despite the fact that it's been sitting in a drawer for over 100 years. Even the most jaded of theatergoers have admitted to enjoying a good laugh with the play.

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