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Lyceum Theater

149 W. 45th Street

Two hours and 10 minutes, including one 15-minute

November 29, 2007

Broadway Play (Comedy)

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Review Of Is He Dead

There are two things that most Is He Dead reviews are saying. One is that it's a surprisingly enjoyable piece of comedy, considering that writer Mark Twain has never been known for his abilities as a playwright. Secondly, it's been resurrected nearly a century after lying in quiet oblivion.

Classic But Brand New

The story of the discovery of this play figures into the majority of Is He Dead reviews. This is because the discovery itself seems like something Twain would write about! It all starts with a Mark Twain scholar, Shelley Fishkin who was doing some research on Twain's work. While rummaging through the extensive collection of the Mark Twain Papers, she stumbled across this manuscript. From the look of it, it had been well read and had numerous notes written in the margin by Twain himself.

Writing plays was not Twain's forte and even though his piece Colonel Sellers was a hit, it was probably due to his name since the play itself received unfavorable reviews. Fishkin was unfamiliar with this particular title but given Twain's track record, she assumed that it probably wasn't very good. She certainly didn't expect to be laughing out loud when she read the manuscript in a library a few days later. It soon became clear in Is He Dead reviews that Fishkin had stumbled on a Twain masterpiece, quite by accident.

Better Late Than Never

All Is He Dead reviews tell us that the play was originally written in 1898, which means it has been missing for well over a hundred years. Critics and researchers believe that the play was never brought to the stage for a multitude of reasons. The play featured cross-dressing, which would probably not have gone down well with the conservative audiences of that time. Some rejections stated that the play was not consistently funny.

So why is a play that couldn't even get produced back then making such a splash now? Part of the reason could be that a select team of writers has now extensively doctored the original manuscript. But a large part of it and what many Is he dead reviews note is that it is jam-packed with the wit and style of Twain. For a play that's over a century old, it has a great deal of freshness and vitality which many theatergoers today find enjoyable.

The play is also as relevant today as it was then. It is a rollicking satire of the art world and the fame and money that come with it. The story follows the fortunes of a down-and-out artist in France. In a novel attempt to increase the worth of his paintings, he enlists the help of his friends to fake his own death. One can tell that Twain must have had a lot of fun writing this piece - the wit and humor literally bubble forth and the comedy is genuinely rib-tickling. If you like the works of Mark Twain, then you'll love this play.

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