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August Wilson Theater

245 West 52nd Street

2 hours and 30 mins with one intermission

November 6th, 2005 (Open-Ended)

Original Broadway Musical

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August Wilson Theater History (formerly Virginia Theater)

The Theatre was formally known as the Virginia Theater and as host of other names such as it's original Garrick Theater, built by Ned Harrigan in 1890 and The Guild, which was constructed do to lack of audiences attendance perhaps do to the location on 6th Avenue and 35th Street. The legitimate play houses where all north of the Times Square region, and although the Garrick put on the most popular shows of the era, they were unable to gain the audiences which they needed. In 1923 the theater was moved and the Guild Theatre was created with the architecture design of Crane and Franzheim through the 1924 1925 time period, to try and capitalize on the uptown audience attendance. The design was said to be uninspired and did not create much interest. Based on a Tuscan design and influence which did not garner much attention in the midtown Manhattan area. Again the Theatre attracted popular shows, with it's opening production of Caesar and Cleopatra on April 13, 1925, but audiences attendance was again a problem, although the venue had a strong group of patrons who helped support it's move and new construction.

The Guild had run into problems with finances in the early 1940s and like many smaller play houses of the time was forced to give up control of the theater and lease the property for radio production in 1943. In 1950 the American Nation Theater and Academy purchased the theater and renamed it apply ANTA, theater had lost most of it's audience support do to the federally funding involved with the ownership and the inability of the group to fill the house with any noteworthy productions ANTA became a subsidized house by 1968. Through the 1970s the theater stayed subsidized and continued the lack of shows and audiences, leaving the theater to be sold and purchased in 1981 by the Jujamcyn Organization and renamed the Virginia, which it holds to this day. In 1985 New York City proclaimed the Virginia's status as a Landmark and the theater has found it's niche and success with the new ownership as a venue for smaller productions which would not fill audiences in larger theaters. The Virginia's new marketing plan has been working well, and with the current musical hit "Jersey Boys" today it is easy to see the approach and how the theater is surviving and having success despite it's location, which seems to have found her niche. Jersey Boys Broadway tickets are currently selling through the multiple channels and agencies.

* A notable moment for the theater came in 1956 Paddy Chaefsky's Middle of the Night which stars Edward G Robinson, Gena Rowlands and Anne Jackson. The show runs for 477 performances and is considered a legitimate hit for the Theatre.

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